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10 car sounds worth worrying about

10 car sounds worth worrying about 1

With a turn of the key or pressing the start button, the car engine should respond, as if an ambulance to an emergency call. And work as smoothly and evenly as the new Swiss watch. But if this did not happen – there is cause for concern, because something is clearly not in order.
The same goes for other parts of your car or truck. They should work quieter than water, and not make suspicious sounds..

Modern cars are miracles of technology built to strict standards, but, like everything created by man, they can break down and often at the wrong time or in the most unexpected way. If, for whatever reason, your car makes a clumsy sound, here is a short list of reasons for this:
1. Whistling (hissing)
This may be a sign of a leak in the cooling system or in the vacuum line. In the first case, the problem could arise due to overheating. In the second – the fault is the wrong fuel consumption. Well, a mechanic to help you.
2. Clank
If your car makes a dull sound when driving through bumps or potholes – somewhere something is wrong. Damaged spherical fingers, rubbed bushings of levers, malfunction of a finger of short traction can also cause these wild sounds, but other parts of the chassis can also be to blame. Even a gaming release system can spank and make clanging sounds..
3. “Pig Squeal”
If your engine squeals like a pig, the problem may be in the drive belt. Also, the rubber could become old or brittle, or the tension mechanism was damaged. If the problem is still in the belt, it must have been subjected to great stress, which, in the end, led to slipping. Fortunately, this breakdown can be easily fixed without spending a large amount of money, so do not put it off for later.
4.Metal screech or guttural moan
If you hear a screech while pressing the brakes, chances are that the pads have come to the end of their productive lives. Most of them are made of small metal keys that rub against the brake disc. A screeching sound is a sign that it is time to repair the brake system. If you delay fixing this serious issue for a long time, the noise can turn into a demonic growl. If you hear a similar but less sharp noise while driving, the cause may be a damaged wheel bearing.
5. Clicking click
If your front-wheel drive car sounds like a train on the railway while driving at low speed with the wheels turned, this means the external grenade is in malfunction.
And this is one of the most hard-working parts of the car, which provide it with reliable smooth movement. Similar noise emanating from the rear of a rear-wheel drive vehicle means a faulty universal joint with a cross.
6. growl and grunt
If your vehicle starts to growl during turns, like a starving lioness, this means that the power steering pump may fail. And you can’t ignore this fact..
7. Knock under the hood
If you hear rumbling or knocking, be careful. This sound is associated with three separate fire-related problems: flash, premature sunbathing, and detonation. Each of them is extremely dangerous. This can happen when switching to a higher speed mode or when the engine is under load. This is what actually happens when one of these problems causes a defective ignition. Instead of even burning fuel in the combustion chamber of the engine, there are many front edges of the flame, when these pressure waves collide, a rattling sound is produced. Knocking is probably the most serious problem and can literally damage pistons. Using better gasoline, replacing the air-fuel mixture, reducing the ignition timing or decarbonizing the combustion chamber can eliminate these problems..
8. Rumble
If your vehicle rumbles or knocks, and makes it stronger with an increase in the number of revolutions per minute – you, or rather your car, can have serious problems. The roar says that you need to adjust the valve clearance. This is not an urgent problem, but you need to contact a professional sooner or later..
However, if this noise is deep and heavy, prepare your wallet. This may indicate a malfunction of the connecting rod bearing, which is not so easy and cheap to replace..
9. Crunch
If you hear a crunch when shifting the gearbox, this can be a symptom of many problems caused by high mileage..
If your rear-wheel drive car or truck makes a howling sound that comes from behind, this may indicate a problem with the differential. A lot of noise can be produced by one of its components in various driving situations, from acceleration to deceleration to steady state driving. Drive bearing interference, worn gears or defective bearings can also cause this noise..


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