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10 commandments of night driving

10 commandments of night driving 1

In spring and summer, townspeople travel in the dark more than in winter (early fishing trips, over-late returns from summer cottages, etc.). And the statistics are ruthless: the risk of an accident at night is about two times higher than during the day. However, if a cool driver observes the Ten Commandments of the Night Ride, nothing will happen..

The first commandment. PRO HEADLIGHTS.

If the car does not have automatic headlight adjustment or a smart suspension that monitors the position of the body above the road, adjust the light yourself before a night trip. With one passenger on the rear couch, set the control to the number ‘1’. If two settled there – on ‘2’. With the boot loaded, set ‘3’.

Do not blind drivers of passing cars through mirrors. Turn off the main beam when you sit on the tail of a car. True gentlemen in such cases generally set the control to ‘3’ (that is, they let down the rays of light as much as possible).

The second commandment. ABOUT WINDSHIELD.

Wash it once a month until crystal clear on both sides. Oil stains and light deposits of dirt, absolutely invisible during the day, at night refract the light of oncoming cars into blinding ‘nebulae’. It sometimes comes to complete loss of visibility.

Commandment Three. About Twilight.

Turn on the low beam before nightfall. Dangerous for himself and others is one who rides at dusk in an unlit car. The car is not an apartment. Saving electricity in it is stupid.

The fourth commandment. ABOUT MEETING WITH MEETING.

Let you and the next colleague meet towards dipped. All the same, on a narrow road, short blinding cannot be avoided. For a fraction of a moment you drive blindly. Therefore, before traveling, transfer your foot from the accelerator to the brake. In case of sudden danger, this measure will reduce the response time to braking.

The fifth commandment. ABOUT ONE HEADLIGHT.

If one headlight moves towards you, it can be anything: a normal motorcyclist, an abnormal motorist. We accept the worst case scenario in advance: an abnormal drunken motorist. And one single headlamp will be considered his right headlight. So get ready to pull over.

Commandment Six. About boors.

You can not call in a different way those who leave the high beam when driving with an oncoming one. When driving away with the boor, look a little to the side, on the side of the road. So avoid total blinding even from high beams.

Commandment Seven. ABOUT LIFTS AND LIFTS.

When approaching the ascent, remember that if an oncoming car appears from above, on the crest of a hill, it will inevitably blind you even with low beam (correctly adjusted headlights shine a little down). Be prepared for this. And before the slopes, keep in mind that you similarly blind other drivers.

The eighth commandment. ABOUT AN UNKNOWN ROAD.

If you are driving along an unfamiliar road at night, take every turn as dangerous. Night reduces the angle of view and accuracy of perception. The bend can be steeper, with worse coverage, with an old tire lying in the middle. .. In a word, the speed should be such that then you do not clutch your head: ‘And why did I drive?’

Commandment Ninth. ABOUT CARGO KILLERS.

Beware of night trucks. Their true dimensions do not always coincide with the designated position lights. A truck for a couple of meters can ‘lengthen’ or even ‘expand’ some one and a half-ton channel sticking out. It works no worse than a Sicilian killer.

Commandment Ten. ABOUT YOURSELF.

The distant ancestors of man were not nocturnal animals. Night is an alien environment for us. This is especially true for vision. On a long trip, you can hold a thin slice of lemon under the tongue to increase the sharpness of night vision. This technique was used by pilots of the Second World War during night bombing..


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