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10 mistakes when buying a new car

10 mistakes when buying a new car 1

Often, for such an exciting activity as buying a car, there are also a number of difficulties. This process may end up overpaying hundreds or thousands of dollars for a model that doesn’t suit you at all! Everything was so interesting and tempting, but today do you repent of your choice? Consider 10 errors that are often made when buying a car.

1. Fall in love with a certain brand. When you are ready to spend tens of thousands of dollars on the coveted car, emotions need to be hidden away. Otherwise, you will close your eyes to all other alternatives and choose a car that does not meet your needs. You will skip all reliability, safety, and pricing information. The seller is just waiting for such a naive approach from you, he will be glad if you overpay! So, it’s better to remove emotions and do “homework”: compare different models and understand what you expect from your car? Believe me, there will still be emotions: as soon as you buy a car.

2. Skip the “test drive”. Test drive – one of the important points of buying a car. Most cars look great on promotional photos in glossy magazines. Drive yourself – the best chance to make sure that this car is suitable for you and your family. Do you want surprises after buying a car? – Not. But it is surprising that many skip this step in choosing a car. Many agree to a symbolic “rolling”, and in the worst case, skip it too. This is a mistake and the right recipe for repentance in the future. In order to “see with your own eyes” you need at least half an hour.

3. Buy a car at a “super price”. Avoid the super discounts that the dealer has announced. The seller can offer you a discount, for example, equal to $ 500. Often, if the vehicle is not in great demand and supply lines, you can buy a car even cheaper. So do not fall for such tricks!

4. Focus only on the amount of the monthly payment, if you get a car on credit. Buying a car on credit, of course, you are concerned about the main question “How much money will I pay each month?”. This may be one of the first questions that the seller will ask you. Do not fall for such a bait. Do not forget about the total cost of the desired car. And then consider the loan conditions.

5. Buy a “deal” for the place of the car itself. Recently, a lot of tempting commercial offers have flashed, for example, “0% loan”. Such seller tricks should not play a decisive role in choosing a car. You are buying a car, perhaps not for one year, so in pursuit of the desired, do not fall for the bait of advertising. Remember that you are primarily buying a car, not a financial product..

6. Choose the bank that the car dealer offers for the loan. Loans can vary for hundreds and thousands of dollars in various banks. Before you buy, you need to analyze the loan products of different banks. Compare interest rates and loan terms. If the dealer offers many banks, then you can choose the best one for you.

7. Underestimate car security. Today, car manufacturers offer the widest selection of safety features for your car. But many buyers do not know which security features are the most basic. Still, it’s worth paying for ABS, side and front airbags, ESC.

8. Pay for a lot of unnecessary additional options. It is profitable for the manufacturer to sell you more additional options that increase its profit. But, remember: this can result in a waste of money. This can be additional protection against corrosion, engraving a special identification number on the glass, as protection against thieves. Do not buy it! Your car already has anti-corrosion treatment. If you buy a car of high reliability and will use it for no more than five years, then many options are just an additional waste of money.

9. Give the old car to the offset of the new. You can lose money if you give the old car to offset the new one. Find out the value of your used car. It can be much more profitable to sell an old car yourself than to entrust this matter to an auto dealer.

10. Buy a used car without an expert. It is better to immediately check a car in a repair shop that provides diagnostic services. A full diagnosis should cost about $ 100, but check the price in advance. A good mechanic will tell you if this car had an accident. Ask to describe the problems of this machine with the rates for correcting these deficiencies. Then you can buy a used car at a fair price.


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