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10 must-have for motorists

10 must-have for motorists 1

More than a third of people all over the world are motorists to one degree or another and spend a significant part of the day in their personal cars. The comfort coefficient of cars has reached a level where for most car owners it is no longer just a means of transportation, but a real second home. In an effort to individualize their motor home and make it as comfortable and cozy as possible, the fantasy of motorists knows no bounds, but there are a number of useful gadgets and accessories that every motorist needs to have in his personal car.

1. Driving Glasses

Antifog glasses create the most comfortable conditions for the eyes and contribute to increased visual acuity in conditions of poor visibility. Thanks to the application of a special coating with anti-glare properties on the lens, the glasses protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation, block the radiation of the visible part of the spectrum, increase contrast and relax the eyes. The result is driving comfort and driving safety.!

2. Ionizer / air purifier

Standing for several hours a day in multi-kilometer traffic jams in a metropolis, we have to breathe car exhaust fumes, gasoline vapors and street dust that are harmful to our health. Car air ionizer cleans the air in the cabin from dust, soot, tobacco smoke and other allergens, effectively eliminates unpleasant odors. It increases the body’s defenses, enhances metabolism, relieves stress and fatigue..

3. Satellite Navigator

In the conditions of multi-kilometer traffic jams and intricacies of the streets of a metropolis, the urgent issue is saving time and nerve cells in finding the right path. A satellite navigator has become an indispensable friend and helper for many motorists. It can not only get the closest route to your destination, but also suggest traffic jams.

4. Inflatable neck pillow

A compact, soft and very comfortable horseshoe-shaped pillow for the neck provides a comfortable head position for long trips, reduces fatigue and makes it possible to sleep on long journeys. Rest becomes more comfortable, and the journey itself becomes rich and rich in impressive discoveries and positive emotions..

5. Car DVR

Even tidy drivers with many years of experience are not immune from an accident or fraud on the road. Caught in a difficult situation, it is often difficult to prove their case: it will take a lot of time and money or a witness with undeniable evidence of your innocence. Such an unbiased witness can be a car DVR, the main purpose of which is to fix the traffic situation and monitor any situations on the road.

6. Compact ‘take on the road’ travel kit

An unplanned stay with friends, in the country, and sometimes in the car itself, an important meeting in the morning, and not even a toothbrush with you. Which of the motorists did not get into this situation? This problem will never be encountered by those who always have a compact travel kit in their car. Take on the road. The kit includes everything that comes in handy along the way: a toothbrush and toothpaste, mini shampoo, hairbrush and much more..

7. Massage wrap

Discomfort, numb muscles, and sometimes back pain are familiar to many people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, including spending a lot of time behind the wheel of a car. A truly invaluable gift for motorists will be a massage cloak that will stretch the sore muscles of the back and lower back and deliver a lot of pleasant minutes to a tired traveler.

8. Car refrigerator

It is difficult to imagine the hot summer months without trips to nature, cottage, fishing and barbecue – this helps us to distract from the gray everyday life, relax and gain strength. A mini fridge for cars will help bring and keep your picnic food fresh, and drinks cold. Thanks to the power supply from the on-board network of your car, the portable refrigerator will keep food cool and fresh for a long time, and the mood is good.

9. Parking camera of night vision

A good assistant for both a novice and an experienced driver will be the night-vision parking camera, which will greatly facilitate parking the car in poor visibility conditions, especially when reversing. The parking camera will see any obstacle in your path, including those that are difficult to notice – an open hatch, a ditch, parking columns and concrete barriers.

10. Satellite security system

The protection of the car and its owner from criminal attacks will be ensured by the installation of a satellite anti-theft system, which not only passively resists theft, but also alerts about it. The most reliable systems on the Russian market are those that implement the principle of data transmission via two communication channels at once – traditional GSM and a specialized radio channel that is resistant to interference and jamming. Thanks to the satellite system, the location and condition of the car are monitored around the clock, and in case of danger, a quick response crew is sent to save it.


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