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10 reasons to choose a car with manual transmission

10 reasons to choose a car with manual transmission 1

Arguments that are hard to disagree with.

Cars with a manual transmission are gradually becoming history. From year to year, their number on the roads decreases for well-known reasons: it is more difficult to drive a three-pedal car than a car with an automated transmission. However, having learned to correctly use the good old manual gearbox, you are unlikely to want to transfer to a car with a machine gun, CVT or robot. Because steeper and more honest old-school mechanics has not yet been created. We found 10 reasons why you should give preference to a three-pedal car. See also: At Maserati crossovers, the gearbox “switches to neutral on the go”.

1. Mechanics are cheaper than an automaton

Cars with a manual transmission are cheaper than automated counterparts in a similar configuration. Even in the case of the most inexpensive models, even at the time of purchase you will save a fairly large amount. And the more expensive the car, the more money will remain in your pocket.
2. The mechanics are easier to maintain
The manual gearbox is simple and reliable. In the event of a breakdown, it can be repaired at any car repair shop, and the repair cost will not be too high. As a rule, the MCP easily fulfills the entire estimated service life of the car. Almost the only operation that may be required is clutch replacement (serving an average of 100–160 thousand km). It will also be useful to change the oil at least once every 100,000 km (many automakers fill it “for the entire service life”). In short, the maintenance of mechanics is much cheaper than an automaton, a robot, and even more so a variator.
3. Mechanics save fuel
Cars with a mechanical transmission are more economical than automatic machines. With proper handling of the gear lever, as well as the clutch and gas pedals, you will save tens and hundreds of liters of fuel (and hence your own money). Even a novice driver can easily lower the bar of average fuel consumption by 10-15% compared to a machine. But with some robots, the mechanics can no longer compete in terms of efficiency.
4. Mechanics saves the brakes
The brakes of a car equipped with a mechanical transmission wear out much more slowly than with cars with an automatic transmission. So, you will need to change brake pads and discs less often. The difference in wear is especially pronounced when operating a car in a city. In addition, the mechanics provide an excellent opportunity to slow down with the help of the engine, by lowering the gears and braking the motor.

5. Mechanics improve dynamics
We’ll make a reservation right away – this is true only for cars of the lowest and middle price categories: high-tech multi-disc robots have long learned to work faster than even the coolest professional pilot, which is why Formula 1 has long used automated boxes. However, most of us are not concerned with this – in the dispute, the automatic machine on conventional cars almost always wins the “pen”, which, when handled correctly, resets on average several tenths of a second in spurt to hundreds. So, blush at a traffic light will have less.
6. Mechanics reduce weight
Manual transmission is more compact and lighter than automated counterparts. Translated into an understandable language, this means improved dynamics and reduced fuel consumption. Well, you should not forget about handling. And it’s quite possible for her to reduce the weight of the driver herself – she has to work with her arms and legs unlike more often. And charging is known to be useful!
7. Mechanics always work
Well, or almost always. Even with a dead battery and a malfunctioning ignition, you can use the car. The mechanics allows you to start the car “from the pusher” and with the proper ability to shift gears even without squeezing the clutch. A car with mechanics can be towed and reached to a house or a service under the most extreme circumstances. All this is not available to the machine.
8. Mechanics are safer
A car with a manual transmission provides much more options in terms of controlling acceleration and deceleration. The driver gets full control over the engine traction and torque, he is not limited in the choice of gears and can always use the gearbox and engine during emergency braking, as well as skillfully apply it when driving on slippery and unstable surfaces. For the same reason, mechanics are still placed on “hot” cars and are actively used in motorsport. Driving a car on mechanics, the driver himself determines the driving style, and does not delegate these powers to capricious electronics.
9. The mechanics make you think
The mechanics do not allow the driver to relax and helps to maintain concentration behind the wheel. It is this quality that most ordinary drivers lack today. The classic transmission disciplines, teaches you how to corner, monitor engine speed and speed, in a word – think, and not just rotate the “steering wheel”.
10. Mechanics giving fan
If you have at your disposal not a multimillion-dollar sports car with a herd of horses under the hood, but an ordinary civilian inexpensive car, only on the mechanics can you “give a corner”, plow in plenty of impassable dirt and get a real thrill from unity with your car. This is the most honest, transparent and understandable transmission that does not interfere with the intervention of (usually not too smart) electronic brains.

And what type of transmission do you prefer and why??


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