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2010 off-road vehicles

2010 off-road vehicles 1

2010 off-road vehicles

2010 off-road vehicles 2

If you are on the market in search of a new 2010 SUV, then you must have already decided on the model and brand. If not, then a review of the leading cars from this category will be useful to you..

Even if you are limited in funds, you can still pick up an SUV, as they are available in different price ranges. Before buying, of course, you should decide on the funds that you are willing to spend. There are a couple of SUVs that cost less than $ 20,000, and there are several models that cost more than $ 100,000.

First you need to decide what you want. There are such categories of SUVs: compact and luxurious, inexpensive for the middle class and premium models, hybrid cars. Also available on the market are inexpensive and luxurious crossovers, as well as 2-door models. Middle-class models cost up to $ 35,000, and high, respectively, above this amount.

Many reviewers include the following five models in the top five SUVs of 2010: Chevrolet Equinox, Volvo XC60, Nissan Armada, Lincoln MKX and Mercedes-Benz GLK-350.

Chevrolet Equinox is the latest development of 2010. The car offers strong, decent performance. The system is equipped with standard emergency braking, as well as anti-lock braking system. Other features include stability and traction control, side curtain airbags and much more..

You can also add many accessories – it all depends on your budget. Chevrolet Equinox is a comfortable and stylish SUV. Fuel consumption is 23 to 26 mpg. You can drive a new car for only $ 22,000 (excluding accessories).

Volvo XC60 is a beautiful new model. The SUV received many positive reviews for the first year of its debut. It offers high performance, comfort, style and safety. The interior is in keeping with the cool exterior design. Safety features include stability control as well as anti-lock brakes with emergency braking.

Car owners are also provided with side curtain airbags. Mileage is 18 mpg. Starting price for the Volvo XC60 is $ 32,000.


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