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2014 Skoda Rapid

2014 Skoda Rapid 1

2014 Skoda Rapid

2014 Skoda Rapid 2

Almost a year ago, one of the most long-awaited automobile premieres in Russia was held – a version of the SKODA Rapid model was presented, intended for the Russian market. The assembly of the 2014 model began in February in a factory located in Kaluga at the same time as the start of pre-orders for the 2014 liftback. The model is really long-awaited, as the model was first demonstrated to the public in 2012 at the Paris Motor Show and went on sale in most CIS countries at the end of that year.

Despite the fact that the liftback is classified as B +, its indicators of equipment and dimensions can successfully argue with reputable representatives of the C-class. For sale, a restyled model will arrive in Russia, which differs from the original model in a more comfortable steering wheel, an expanded list of equipment and additional interior design options..

Exterior and interior

The appearance of the second-generation liftback is fully consistent with the updated corporate style of the manufacturer. Minor sporting features of the car do not violate the neat and classically simple design style, but add some obstinate spirit to the appearance of the model. The relatively simple forms of the car are also of some practical nature – due to the high aerodynamics, some fuel economy was achieved, which is an important factor for most motorists.

The width of the Skoda Rapid wheelbase, which has undergone modification, is 260.2 cm. In this case, the length of the car is 118.3 cm, the width is 170.6 cm, the height is 146.1 cm. The clearance of the car in the regular version is only 13.6 cm , but the manufacturer suggests increasing this size to 15 cm especially for the Russian market.

Salon Rapid 2014, in spite of its rather simple design, involves a fairly comfortable location at the same time 5 passengers. The driver’s seat is organized as conveniently as possible, so that the driver can easily not only control the car, but also control, for example, a multimedia system. Such a high level of comfort is unusual for cars of this class, so this model can be confidently called one of the leaders among analogues.

The driver’s seat is organized as conveniently as possible, and the seats are unusually comfortable for a budget car class. In addition, the interior is striking in both the quality of the finish and the availability of sufficient free space. However, the manufacturer saved a little on noise insulation.

In our country, only a few modifications of the gasoline power unit are available to motorists, while diesel engines are available only to European customers. The most popular models of the Czech manufacturer, equipped with a 1.2-liter unit. It not only fully meets the strict requirements of the European standard of the 5-1st category, but is also capable of developing a power of 75 hp. and a maximum speed of about 175 km / h. The average consumption of such a motor is about 6 liters. A 1.6-liter four-cylinder unit with 105 hp is also available to the Russian buyer. Such a modification will be available not only with an automatic transmission with six ranges, but also a mechanical one with 5 steps.

Equally popular among Russians are models equipped with a 1.4-liter turbo unit. Its power can reach values ​​of 122 hp. For the most efficient operation, the developers selected a robotized transmission with 7 ranges as a suitable transmission. Thanks to this, SKODA Rapid in this modification can reach speeds of 100 km / h in just 9.5 seconds.

The basis of the Skoda liftback is taken from the well-proven base from the Polo VW sedan, modified using some elements of the Fabia and Octavia models. The independent front strut is represented by a MacPherson strut system, and the rear strut is a semi-independent torsion bar type. The brake system is represented by ventilated disc brakes, the rear – by conventional disc mechanisms.

Excellent technical characteristics allow the liftback not only to hold the road with confidence, but also provide maneuverability unique to a car of this class, even in tight corners. The only drawback that potential Russian owners managed to identify is a too stiff suspension. However, the manufacturer plans to eliminate this drawback specifically for the Russian market..

It is assumed that several different trim levels will be available to the Russian buyer. The minimum will include everything you need for comfortable trips, and the cost for it will start from 560 thousand rubles. At the same time, the minimum cost of a car with automatic transmission will start already from 660 thousand rubles, and top-end equipment will cost at least 760 thousand rubles..


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