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2015 Brilliance H530

2015 Brilliance H530 1

2015 Brilliance H530 2

Until 2014, the Chinese automaker Brilliance did not work in the market of our country, because seven years ago, because of the financial crisis, the company had to curtail the sale of its vehicles. But now interest in the specified manufacturer has reappeared, and literally this year the company began selling the Brilliance H530 sedan in the 2015 modification.

Features of the bodywork

The body of the Brilliance H530 looks modern and presentable. In the front of the car, the embossed hood beneath which is the signature grille trimmed with chrome is noteworthy. Head optics has a complex shape and is equipped with LED running lights. The bumper is characterized by the presence of aggressive forms, cutouts on the sides and in the center.

When developing the body, designers paid great attention to the design of the rear of the sedan. Here you will not see any original elements, but the size, shape of the tailgate, brake lights and bumper are so optimally and organically selected that together these elements look very attractive.

Features of interior design

The design of the front panel, the developers of the Brilliance H530 clearly “copied” from a premium BMW car. This is evidenced by the presence of airflow deflectors of various shapes, the configuration of the instruments on the center console, and the particular arrangement of the speedometer, tachometer and on-board computer. But, this can hardly be attributed to disadvantages, since you get such a beautifully designed panel at an adequate cost.

The build quality of the interior elements is at a high level. There are no cracks, poorly fixed parts, there is no sharp chemical smell in the cabin, which can often be found in Chinese-made cars. Armchairs have good lateral support, there is ample space for passengers in the second row of seats, but since the central tunnel is very tall, it’s not very comfortable to sit in the middle of the sofa.

Technical equipment of the sedan

As a rule, Chinese-made cars are not distinguished by an extensive line of powertrains and the Brilliance H530 is no exception. The sedan is equipped with a 1.6 liter gasoline power unit, which is capable of developing a capacity of 110 liters. from. The engine is paired with an automatic transmission. Automatic transmission includes gears smoothly and in a timely manner, but if necessary, you can switch to manual gear shifting. Since the Brilliance H530 is a rather massive car, acceleration to hundreds takes about 12 seconds at seven liters of fuel consumption.


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