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2015 Car News

2015 Car News 1

2015 Car News

2015 Car News 2

For many, a car is a luxury that needs to be demonstrated. And not always the owner’s solvency is indicated by the presence of an S-class car. Sometimes this is indicated by the number of cars parked in the garage. And not anyhow – what kind of cars, but the new products of the year that are still trying to capture the voices of most motorists.

Here are the news of 2015 that have already left factory plants or are close to this.

The Mazda 2 model has changed. Moreover, in comparison with the previous modification of the “two”, the current changes are very extensive. Mazda 2 became the owner of new skyactiv technologies. Thanks to which, the highway, the body and the suspension have become much better. In addition, the Mazda 2 has changed its appearance, so now this car looks much more impressive compared to the previous model. Thanks to modern materials and higher consumer qualities, the Mazda 2 easily captures the attention of European consumers.

2015 was marked by the release of the 3rd generation Honda Jazz. The design of the third generation is slightly different from the previous model. Due to the fact that the Honda Jazz has a longer wheelbase, this car already occupies a worthy place among spacious cars. This modification has more engines, including an advanced hybrid and two gasoline engines. In addition, the Honda Jazz has increased the maneuverability of the car, which will make Ford Fiesta an excellent competitor..

The 4th generation Audi A4 has started. This model has a hybrid modification in combination with a Quattro-drive. Compared to its predecessor, the Audi A4 is equipped with new diode headlights and adaptive lighting. Audi A4 is designed to make life easier for any car owner due to the cruise control radars installed in it and a road marking tracking system. The new Audi A4 is available with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. And also with a classic automatic transmission. Audi A4 released in sedan and station wagon.

The Ford Edge jeep was launched back in 2014, however, it only appeared in the UK car dealerships in 2015. Ford Edge is larger than the Ford Kuga, based on the Ford Focus or EcoSport. Ford Edge is based on the Mondeo. And interest motorists with their high-tech integrations.

Hyundai Sonata 2015 release attracts with its charm. It is slightly lower and more spacious compared to previous models. Hyundai Sonata has a high level of security and an excellent dynamics system. Therefore, it is the safest sedan among others..


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