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2015 Ford Fiesta

2015 Ford Fiesta 1

Sleek and compact Ford Fiesta 2015

2015 Ford Fiesta 2

In 2008, the Fiesta was insanely expensive, to such an extent that by 2012, the models were no longer imported to Russia. And now they began to supply again, but only of the Russian assembly. Due to the ease of handling, the sedan looks a little unusual.

Improving the chassis, greatly made changes to the image of the car. Excellent system settings went astray: steering actions became not so clear and some more unpleasant details. Fords of the European assembly were distinguished by heavy patency of large roughnesses on the roads. But cars of domestic assembly with the help of shock absorbers and driving forces optimistically go through a variety of routes.

The new Ford perfectly combines a 105-horsepower engine and 5-speed mechanics: instant acceleration is accompanied by an almost soundless engine sound, convincing forcing is provided in any gear. Switching a manual gearbox brings only pleasure, easy enough and not forced. Despite all the shortcomings of a car of European quality, the novelty is far from accessible to everyone at its price. But you have to compete with such masters as Renault Logan, Solaris, Kia Rio and Polo.

The pricing policy of the novelty varies within such limits for a regular Ford Fiesta sedan with an 85 horsepower engine and they will ask Hyundai Solaris with a more powerful engine of 107 horses. Volkswagen Polo car provides its model at a price of 555 thousand with a capacity of 85 horses. The most expensive car Citroen C-Elysee will be an extremely bold amount of 600 thousand, with a capacity of 72 horsepower. A hatchback Ford with a capacity of 105 five-horsepower horses will cost 599 thousand. You can compare with a similar five-door Hyundai Solaris with incomplete configuration they want at least 486 thousand, for Kia Rio – 569 thousand. Very few hatchbacks left on the market.


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