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2015 Skoda Superb

2015 Skoda Superb 1

2015 Skoda Superb

2015 Skoda Superb 2

The history of the Superb model began back in 1934, and over the years this car has become the flagship of the Skoda company. In 2015, the automaker presented the third generation of this car. Outwardly, Superb has noticeably changed; more chopped forms, sharp lines, and sharp corners have appeared. Thanks to this, the car began to look more harmonious and solid.

Features of equipping the body and interior

SKODA SuperB is built on a modular platform MQB, the car has become seventy kilograms lighter. The weight reduction was due to the use of aluminum alloys in the manufacture of body elements, the proportion of which exceeds eighty percent. Among the features of this model, it is worth noting the presence of combined, electrified tailgate doors. Due to this, the process of packing goods and personal items is greatly simplified. In the trunk there are two sockets for twelve volts, a removable flashlight with LEDs.

Superb salon after the modification, has become wider, increased space for the knees. The interior is decorated with high-quality, expensive materials, provided with LED backlighting. Of the design features, it is necessary to pay attention to a large number of practical elements that make the operation of the car more comfortable. For example, a small LED flashlight is attached to the body with a magnet, which is very useful if you have to change the wheel on a dark highway. Or you can install the bottles in special locks that allow you to unscrew the cap with one hand. There are many such small devices in the car..

Powertrain specifications, optional equipment

Superb can be equipped with eight powertrain options – three diesel engines and five gasoline engines. All of these engines are equipped with turbocharging, combined fuel injection, start / stop system. The presence of additional systems contribute to fuel economy. Powertrain function with DSG robotic transmission.

The optional equipment of the car in question in the basic configuration is quite self-sufficient, extensive. So, buying a car at the lowest cost, you get a vehicle with 3-zone climate control, a 220-volt outlet is located on the console, you can charge gadgets using a USB port. Moreover, a smartphone or tablet is fixed on the arm of the chair, so you can use it at any time, without being distracted from the road. On the armrests of the rear seats are displayed keys for controlling multimedia equipment, climate control. As an additional option, the installation of screens on the backs of the rear seats is proposed.


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