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2016 Chevrolet Cruze Car

2016 Chevrolet Cruze Car 1

2016 Chevrolet Cruze

2016 Chevrolet Cruze Car 2

The new version of the Chevrolet Cruz significantly changed the exterior: an updated front bumper, optics of a head light of a more elongated shape, fog lights and LEDs on the front bumper, the radiator grille has increased in size. At the back, the car became a little sharper, the rear lights changed and a chrome trim appeared. The rear trunk lid has changed shape and now boasts a built-in brake light. The shape of the rear bumper has also changed .

The interior inside the car is also comfortable and ergonomic. The dashboard got a new face. The steering wheel has received a completely new design. In addition, a new generation of multimedia is installed, which is now controlled using a large touch screen with built-in Wi-Fi (you can connect several phones) and voice control. The shape of the side ventilation deflectors was changed and the center console was updated. Inside, the interior is finished with higher quality materials, for example, on some elements of the front panel you will see a lining made of brown leather, while other details inside are decorated with polished metal, which gives the interior a more presentable look.

The new car is made on the basis of the D2XX model, because of which it has become a little lighter, more economical and spacious. Cruise length 45.67 cm, width 17.86 cm, and a height of 14.54 cm. The total weight was 245 kilograms, which is almost 115 kilograms less than the previous model. The car will be equipped with a new engine for 1,500 cubic meters with a power of 112 hp. It works with a 5-speed automatic, and a turbocharged engine for 1400 cubes with 148 hp will also be available. working with 6 or 7 speed manual gearboxes or automatic.

In the basic configuration you will find a dynamic stabilization system, access to the interior without a key, full power accessories and 10 airbags. Modifications for different markets will be different. For example, a car for the North American market will get a smoother outline with a more aggressive front end. The head light will be equipped with LEDs. A chrome trim will appear around the false radiator grille, fog lights and central air intakes. The internal filling will also be different: for the American market, the new model will be sold with an updated turbocharged engine of 1,500 cubic meters and 160 horses. And the strangest thing is that the manufacturer will continue to collect the old modification and sell it under the name “classic”.


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