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2016 Honda Pilot car

2016 Honda Pilot car 1

Honda Pilot 2016

2016 Honda Pilot car 2

The Japanese car manufacturer Honda has been supplying incomparably better and better looking cars to the markets of different countries for more than a decade. The geography of location covers the whole world, and Russia is no exception. A few years ago, Honda Pilot came out to meet the need for an inexpensive off-road crossover. But time is running inexorably, and the realities of today’s society are forcing designers to perfect this or that generation of machines. This is what happened with the popular Pilot. The manufacturer repeatedly exhibited raw versions of the car at exhibitions, listened to wishes and recommendations, and now the planet meets a new jeep pumped in all respects with urban inclinations.

This favorite of the Honda model range will become the face of the company and indicates a change in landmarks and age-old principles that influenced the forms and equipment of cars.

A completely unpredictable and not typical image is combined in this car with the beauty of the modulations of individual body parts. The front part is equipped with a relief bumper, in the center of which is a wide, without spaces, air intake. Along the edges are the usual fog lights, which in the daytime play the role of running lights. Repeaters found their place a little higher, decorated in the lower part with quadrangular cavities for repayment of air masses. In the center there is a radiator ventilation grille with the company logo in the form of the letter H squared, smoothly turning into head light optics with xenon lighting. The headlights are made in the best traditions of the Japanese manufacturer and have the features of a horizontally placed tear that slides on the wing. The engine compartment lid is stripped to give the car an aggressive look.

The sidelines of the Honda Pilot are smooth and well defined. The small and compact hood and long body made it possible to increase the space inside the car. Starting from the wing, along the door handles and up to the stern, a line of ribs is drawn. It looks simply charming. Longitudinal beams are installed on the roof, but they do not carry the semantic load as an additional luggage carrier on them. Planks for their entire length give a colorful decorative shade, but no more than that. True, this detail will be finalized in the first months of the machine’s launch into mass production. Outstanding sixteenth to eighteenth alloy wheels only brighten the overall impression.

The rear form is made according to all requirements and is especially inconspicuous. Convenient trunk lid, good optics and classic bumper.

The interior of the car is designed for eight people, which, of course, testifies to its versatility and willingness to rush to any long trip. In addition to the beautiful panel made of soft plastic, the consumer will appreciate the equipment of the car even in the basic configuration. The developers managed to accommodate all the new electronic equipment and not clutter up the space. Steering wheel with multimedia control and cruise control via a joystick. On the right side of the driver is a built-in radio with conveniently located volume keys and low-frequency settings. A little higher installed touch control display. This monitor is a kind of intelligence with support for navigation and some auto mechanisms. Among other things, the buyer will be given a choice of seat trim and side door panels.

The Honda Pilot will be powered by an engine on a V-6 platform with a volume of three and a half liters and a power equivalent to two hundred and ninety horses. This power unit runs on gasoline and, together with all-wheel drive and independent suspension, provides high cross-country ability when driving over rough terrain.


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