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2016 Toyota Prius

2016 Toyota Prius 1

Toyota Prius 2016 – Even Greener

2016 Toyota Prius 2

The well-known hybrid model from Toyota, the Prius will soon be updated. What will change and appear next year? The car is very unusual, it is both boring and simple and the most technologically advanced car in the manufacturer’s lineup. It has long been in great demand abroad and is gaining momentum in Russia.

In the updated car, designers gave a more daring appearance, which is usually inherent in Lexuses and similar cars of the Japanese auto giant. Thus, turning the Prius from an inconspicuous car for a housewife into a car for the wider masses. Probably, such a cardinal step can scare away the usual consumer, but a new one does not mean a failure. The modest design was replaced by a bright and interesting look. Front and rear, the familiar features are almost not recognized, but in profile you will immediately realize that in front of you is the Toyota Prius. All this is done because it is still a family car for those who want to save and protect nature.

If the exterior of the car has changed radically, then the exterior of the change has little impact. More harsh lines and angles appeared in the cabin, a display was prescribed on the panel, traditionally informing about fuel consumption, temperature overboard and how environmentally friendly your driving style is. The steering wheel has also changed, now it is on three spokes, and on the sides there are large air conditioning grilles.

In the new version of the Prius, the power of the gasoline and electric engines were increased, which helped to improve the dynamics of the car. Also, a gasoline engine tal consume much less fuel. The dynamics of the car are complemented by a new platform on which the Prius.

The updated car has become safer, LED lighting, which used to be done only with an additional option, is now standard, and this is not just a design technique, it is a good addition to active safety. The Prius is also equipped with a proprietary electronic security system. She monitors the road and can distinguish between pedestrians, as well as nearby cars.

The Prius of 2016 has high hopes, every year the sales of hybrids fall, albeit slowly, but still. Recently, electric cars have been in great competition and if the Prius, as the flagship, does not set a new development wind, then soon these cars will disappear from the market.


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