How to code Skoda Fabia via Abrites VAG commander

And so I decided to include functions to my brothers car) I read everything that I found on the expanses of the network. For the Fabia FL facades, new blocks are installed, the main functions are activated through a long coding. For programming, used Abrites VAG commander

What activated:
Test function of the tachometer and speedometer arrows when the ignition is switched on 17 block (instrument panel) -> Adaptation 10 select the channel named “Staging” and activate it.

Selective opening of doors (i.e. when you press the door unlock button on the keyfob 1 time) – only the driver’s door is opened, if you press 2 times, all doors are unlocked) 9 block encoding 07 – byte 0 – activate bit 3 Automatic locking of doors at a speed of 15 km / h 9 block – coding 07 – byte 0 – activate bit 4

Unlocking the doors when pulling the key out of the ignition switch 9 block – coding 07 – byte 0 – activate bit 0

The mode of wiping drops with janitors. 9 block – coding 07 – byte 14 – activate bit 4

The mode of speed of the wipers, depending on the speed. Works only in the first position, we go – waving more often, we stand – less often. Noticeably only with a stopwatch in his hands)))) 9 block – coding 07 – byte 14 – activate bit 7

Abrites VAG commander has useful “coding helper”!

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