HOW TO: error P0601 – Repair Jeep Grand Cherokee ECU by myself.

HOW TO: error P0601 – Repair Jeep Grand Cherokee ECU by myself.
Repair the computer with your own hands!
For many, it is no secret that the P0601 error leads to a waste of money, in fact, like other errors, indicating a malfunction of the engine control unit. On the other hand, it is even good when ECU signals about its illness, because it is much worse when there are no apparent reasons for replacing the unit, and it starts to signal non-existent faults or imitate them ( not on purpose, of course)
Here and in this case, insidious ECU, planted a pig, actively showing that he has a malfunctioning candle, and maybe a nozzle, and maybe even compression is to blame, but not him. But no, the transistor burned, as a result of which the control of one nozzle was periodically shut off during the warm-up period!



We buy the necessary parts and change the old ones!

The unit is repaired and installed on the car. The advantages of repair are obvious: there is no monthly waiting for a spare part, which costs a lot of money, it is not always possible to find an ecu, especially on rare cars, and repair costs much less than buying an ecu. Cons, too. Of course, this is not a factory ration (although there was no precedent for the quality of work), during the inspection, you can skip something else that is faulty in the unit that is not amenable to visual inspection and then there will still be some poorly diagnosed problems with
ecu, and also it is impossible to forget about the quality of Chinese parts, because they even manage to label radio components incorrectly. So the risk always remains. On the other hand, it is good when there is an opportunity to offer different options for repair!

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