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3 causes of unpleasant odors in the car

3 causes of unpleasant odors in the car 1

Bad smell in a car? And here the search for the cause of its occurrence turns into a real quest. Drivers can feel the disgusting aromas of rotten eggs, burnt plastic, mold and other unbearable fragrances. Where to look for the culprit, and – most importantly – how to get rid of the stench.

It is far from everyone who can be in a car for a long time, whose interior resembles a garbage can with its aromas. As a rule, at the very least manifestations of unpleasant odors, drivers throw all their energy and money into eliminating them: buying cleaning products, expensive dry cleaners, diagnostics in car service centers ….

Here you can draw a parallel with medicine: it is not enough to remove the symptoms of the disease with medicines – you need to eradicate the cause. So with the “incense” in the car. Take away at least ten of your salaries, buy at least the entire range of products against nasty odors. But until you find out where the “legs grow”, the problem will not disappear. This is perhaps the most difficult in the struggle for a comfortable stay in the car.

3 causes of unpleasant odors in the car 2

Put and forget

Often the problem of stench lies in food products that have lain in the car for longer than expected. Think about whether someone — you or the passengers — could inadvertently drop a piece of apple, a piece of sausage from a sandwich, or a fish caught on a river last weekend. It makes sense to thoroughly examine the entire salon – pay special attention to hard-to-reach spots.

Plunged headlong

If you did not find forgotten food in the car, then it is possible that the culprit of the “triumph” is liquid. For example, soda spilled on the seats, drooling of your beloved dog, water from the same river where you went fishing, or the abomination brought into the car on the sole of someone’s shoes. It is unlikely that they will be able to touch the “cause” with their hands: it remains only to sniff and look closely at possible sources of stink.

Stink like a call for help

Again by? Then, perhaps, it’s all about the technical smells that the machine emits, trying to attract attention? The aroma of hydrogen sulfide, or rotten eggs, is inherent in the catalyst. No, this does not mean that the device needs repair. Just try to be careful with the gas pedal – spin the engine smoothly, up to 2000 – 2500 rpm, and there will be no stench.

The aroma resembling burnt plastic has been familiar to many drivers since the time of the driving school. So, as a rule, a “dying” clutch disc “smells”. Wrong or untimely “yank” the gear lever – this is the result. If the machine is equipped with an “automatic”, then the reason lies in something else. For example, in a leak of technical fluids or burnt wiring. Urgent service!

It is advisable to look at the service station and in the case when in the car it gives something sweet or mold. The first smell can indicate a problem with the radiator of the stove, while the second can indicate a clogged filter in the air conditioner or interior, as it is called in another way. When listening to aromas, do not forget about the indication on the dashboard. Perhaps she will tell you something sensible..

3 causes of unpleasant odors in the car 3

Fight to the enemy

The plan of further actions will depend on what reason you find. You will find a stub or traces of “Fanta” – treat the place with a cleaning agent. And if we are talking about the seats, then remove and wash the lining. It’s also easy to deal with rugs that make you feel nasty, just rinse them thoroughly and dry them. Rotten eggs are “hatched” by open windows, and other technical flavors by troubleshooting.


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