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3 main components of an “ideal” car garage

3 main components of an “ideal” car garage 1

3 main components of an “ideal” car garage

Properly equipping a garage is not an easy task. But, if you follow the rules, everything will turn out in the best way.

In the off-season – in spring and autumn – the issue of storing items that are used only at certain times of the year becomes especially relevant. It seems that the residents of the cottages are much easier, because they have at their disposal not only a large area of ​​the house, but also a vast house area. However, everything is not so simple if the house does not have a room that would be specially equipped for convenient storage of various items. For such purposes, it is customary to use a garage or pantry. Experts have learned how to make the garage the perfect place to store in a few steps..

– To create the perfect garage – clean, safe, warm and comfortable – you need to consider 5 basic things: floor, walls, ceiling, heating and gates, – Denis Butenko, designer and garage expert, shares his experience.

The tasks that the floor covering in the garage must solve are much more complicated than in all other rooms of the house. Requirements for the quality of materials in this case will increase significantly. Moreover, a garage or pantry has always been considered hazardous areas. Therefore, here the floor covering should be especially carefully selected so as not to provoke accidents. It is necessary to pay special attention to the following parameters when choosing a floor covering in a garage:

The materials chosen for flooring in a garage, pantry or workshop should be fire resistant, not emit toxic substances during combustion, and also have high ignition temperatures.

Wear resistance
First of all, in the garage we park a car, which for most of the year is “shod” with studded tires. If materials that are not resistant to severe mechanical stress are used, damage to the floor will quickly appear..

The flooring should not have a porous structure, which involves a high degree of absorption of various substances: gasoline, oils, technical fluids, which subsequently causes an unpleasant odor in the garage, and also spoils the surface itself. It is recommended to choose seamless coatings that are more suitable for rooms with aggressive environments and high humidity..

Environmental friendliness
“Eco” is, of course, a global modern trend. However, for the garage and technical rooms this is especially important for objective reasons. During operation, materials should not emit toxic elements that can adversely affect human health, and also enter into chemical reactions with other substances that can be stored indoors.


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