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3rd generation Kia Rio car

3rd generation Kia Rio car 1

Kia Rio third generation

3rd generation Kia Rio car 2

The history of this car model already has three generations, which have become very popular due to the fact that the creators of the car took care of the practicality and convenience of the car.

The premiere of the car Kia Rio 3 took place at the beginning of two thousand and eleven.

This car has become a model of Korean pragmatism, and this was due to the huge popularity of the car in the world. The car has a potentially new body shape, its front features are slightly chopped and sharp, large and elongated headlights with anti-fog protection installed.

Despite the fact that the exterior of the car has been globally updated, it still belongs to class B, but at the same time it deservedly received recognition from all categories of drivers.

Since the appearance of the car has changed, it goes without saying that the interior trim and the expectations of motorists were justified in the most direct way.

The quality of the materials used to decorate the interior has improved significantly, there are also noticeable improvements in the assembly procedure and design of the main components of the interior of this car.

Any driver will now feel quite comfortable and comfortable in this car due to the convenient adjustment of the driver’s seat and also due to the fact that the control system is very compactly located on the dashboard.

When decorating a car, plastic and coatings made of only the highest quality fabric or alternative materials such as leather or special fabric were used as standard.

Very close attention was paid by designers to the technical equipment of the car. For the Russian consumer, the car is available with two gasoline engines.

The first option provides for a 1.4 liter engine with a capacity of one hundred and seven liters. forces. the maximum speed of a car with this type of engine is one hundred ninety kilometers per hour from five high-speed gearboxes and one hundred seventy-five kilometers. per hour with a four-speed automatic transmission. Fuel consumption on the highway is only five liters per hundred kilometers.

The second engine option is a 1.6 liter engine with a capacity of one hundred twenty-three horsepower, while the maximum speed of the car is one hundred ninety and one hundred eighty km, respectively. per hour (mechanical and automatic gearbox), and fuel consumption is the same as in the first version.


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