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3rd generation Skoda Octavia Scout

3rd generation Skoda Octavia Scout 1

3rd generation Skoda Octavia Scout

3rd generation Skoda Octavia Scout 2

Having made a lot of noise, and having traveled quite a long way to the market of Russia and the CIS countries, the sales of the 3rd generation SKODA Octavia Scout have finally been launched. Indeed, more than a year has passed from the moment of the official presentation to the start of sales, and the off-road Scoda novelty managed to visit several prestigious motor shows during this period. Spring deja vu 2014 in Geneva, autumn ball at the international salon in Moscow, and here is the long-awaited start of sales. Well, let’s go get acquainted!

As expected, the basis of the all-wheel drive station wagon was a modified version of the VW MQB platform. The front of the car is the famous McPherson independent suspension with struts, and the rear of the body rests on a multi-link independent design. To work in conditions of “modern” Russian roads, our option, in addition to the European version, will be equipped with a more energy-intensive suspension with reinforced shock absorbers, a package of “bad roads”, as well as a mandatory attribute of “all-passable” cars – specialized engine crankcase protection. Responsible for safe behavior on steep descents and ascents in the car installed modified brake system. In the 3rd generation of the 4×4 station wagon, ventilated disc brakes are installed on the front, and the most conventional disc brakes are time-tested at the back. To assist in the management of 17-inch wheels, which the car is equipped with by default in the base, an electromechanical power steering is called up, which is not surprising, given the status of the 3rd generation SKODA Octavia Scout. The car’s all-wheel drive system is based on the Haldex level 5 electromechanical power transmission clutch, which makes it possible to redistribute “horsepower” not only between the axles, but also between the wheels of the rear axle. Thanks to the ability to transfer up to 90% of “horsepower” to the rear axle, as well as 85% of the effort on one wheel of the rear suspension, the SKODA Octavia 2015 lineup demonstrates excellent driving performance both on a dirt road and on a suburban highway. Standard active safety systems – ABS, BAS, EBD, mountain driving mode – are present even in the cheapest configuration.

The dimensions of the 3rd generation Skoda Octavia Scout are impressive, and are respectively in length, width and height – 4685, 1814 and 1531 mm. The increased ground clearance of 171 mm, the off-road plastic body kit in the cross style, the reinforced and pronounced bumper design are distinctive features of the new, reborn Skoda Octavia Scout. Considering all the developments according to its predecessors, the car body consists of almost 70% of high-strength and heavy-duty steel grades, which provide the supporting structures with the necessary rigidity, and also allowed to achieve weight reduction up to 30 kg. These operating time directly affect the aerodynamics of the car, the appetite and provide proper acoustic symphony in the car.

The interior trim and interior are an exact copy of the ancestor of the Skoda Octavia 3. The hallmark of the Skoda Octavia Scout is high-quality plastic and expensive trim materials, which have several options and a distinctive style according to the numerous Scout nameplates. Already in the basic configuration, the car has rich equipment – six airbags for the driver and passenger, power accessories, 2-zone climate, an intuitive multimedia system with a large touch screen, security systems.

The dimensions of the cabin are encouraging, and differs in spaciousness for both front passengers and rear. Car seats are ergonomic, spacious, have excellent lateral support. Fans of traveling will be pleased with the “transformability” of the cabin – the car has a two-level floor, a set of fasteners. Trunk volume without manipulation is almost 600 liters, which can be tripled by folding the second row of seats and achieve a size of 1740 liters without a spare wheel. In this version of the trunk there is the possibility of transporting bulky goods, the length of which is up to 3 meters.

The technical essence of the novelty should interest potential buyers, although it does not differ in a special choice. Our customers will be presented with a car with a petrol turbocharged 16-valve four-valve 1.8-liter. This motor meets the stringent EURO-6 requirements. Achieve high performance, namely 180 hp and 280 Nm of torque help direct injection of the gas mixture, the system of intelligent change of valve timing, start / stop saving system. The dynamic characteristics are really fascinating – 7.8 seconds to the first hundred, and the maximum allowable speed is noted for the Skoda Octavia 3 Scout at around 216 km / h. And this is in normal city mode, without switching to sport mode. To help the motor achieve these peaks, a 6-speed German dual-clutch German DSG robot has its advantages and disadvantages. Among the shortcomings is the usual “braking” on the switch during dynamic operation with the gas pedal, which is completely leveled when switching to sport mode, as well as a rather low fuel consumption – about 7 liters per 100 km when driving in a mixed cycle.

The car is worthy of respect and attention, and will certainly occupy its niche in the market. His appearance and character, he will greatly spoil the nerves of city crossovers, given the rich equipment and price-quality ratio – in the amount of 1,500,000 rubles.


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