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3S-FSE: appearance, description

3S-FSE: appearance, description 1

3S-FSE – Appearance, Description

Unlike the high-pressure fuel pump on Mitsubishi, TOYOTA direct injection fuel injection pump is extremely simple and applied to it, you can probably even say that “everything is ingenious is simple” (this does not apply to Zhiguli cars)..
Structurally, the high-pressure fuel pump is practically made of “one piece” of metal:

,- and consists of a minimum set of parts:

1 – directly the fuel pump housing, in which the external part of the plunger pair is structurally pressed (arrow in the bottom photo):

2 – spring
3 – hollow working cylinder, through which the camshaft drives the plunger
4 – plunger
Everyone is here:

It is in this order that this node is going to.

When assembling it, one must take into account that the plunger has, on the other hand, a special cut-out (photo 5, arrow):

,- which is inserted into the support washer for fixing (photo 6).

Photo 2 does not show a fitting with a shut-off valve for the high-pressure line; there will be talk about it in other articles.

In photo 7, a general view of the valve is shown, and in photo 8 arrows show what to look for when removing and inspecting it:

– position 1 – rubber ring. It should not have gusts, cracks, torsion. Otherwise pressure overflow is possible..
– position 2 – filter element. Should not be clogged, when “looking at the light” the mesh should be clean, without gusts and deposits of a dark color.

Note: the fuel pump for our conversation was provided by Moscow Diagnostics ARID

Toyota gasoline engines
3S-FE3S-FSE (D-4) 1996-2003

Diagnostics. Repairs. Maintenance.


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