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5 myths about fuel and its economy

5 myths about fuel and its economy 1

Looking for a new car, everyone thinks about fuel consumption and tries to choose a car more economically. But what do we really know about this? Autoblog decided to deal with 5 common myths about fuel economy.

  1. Manufacturers underestimate fuel consumption.

Not really. Independent laboratories test the flow rate, being guided by the current state or international standards. In addition to the results of these tests, manufacturers are not allowed to announce other numbers..

  1. Official tests are as close as possible to reality.

Tests are a very specific matter. Perhaps they give real indicators, but only how real are the conditions under which they are received?

It is unlikely that you often ride at such a turtle speed and accelerate as leisurely as they do in tests. In addition, the tests do not take into account highway traffic at a constant speed. Why do this? You ask. Do not be mistaken in thinking that basically you drive around the city. Suppose you spent an hour in traffic in the city center, but then you drove along the highway for half an hour. As a result, having wound 15 km around the city, and the remaining 60 are already on the freeway.

  1. Small petrol engines are more economical aheat exchangers with similar power.

Gasoline units, in fact, pass control measurements perfectly. But only because in test mode it never comes to turning on boost. One has only to try to pull out from the compact turbo engine all the dynamics that it is capable of, the flow rate will be no less than that of the ancient aspirated.

  1. Heavy traffic is not compatible with efficiency.

If we are talking about the motorway, then this statement is not true. When the speedometer is at around 90 km / h, then you will drive much more along a busy, but at least somehow moving highway, you can drive a greater length on the same amount of fuel than on a free road at which you would fly at a speed of 130 km per hour.

  1. Hybrid drives are the most economical

It may well be, but only if you are driving along a highway where recovery does not work fully, it turns out that this option is not more economical than others.


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