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7 options to upgrade your budget car

7 options to upgrade your budget car 1

Something is better to choose initially, well, and something can be added already during operation.

Under the hood, almost identical engines with a turbine, at the heart of the design are the same platforms that several automakers share among themselves at once. As a result of current trends in the development of the automotive industry, it is quite possible to save by buying a budget brother of a premium brand, and at the same time not to lose in comfort. You only need to correctly choose the configuration and additional options. In my opinion, the most reasonable in terms of price and comfort are 7 options.

Firstly, it is an automatic transmission. The times when buyers in the secondary market shied away from her like from a fire have long passed. “Automatic machines” have become more efficient, and while objections to robotic transmissions like DSGs still sound, the traditional hydromechanical 5- or 6-speed automatic machine has long been no less reliable than the manual gearbox. Let its resource be less and rarely exceed 200 thousand kilometers, the repair technology has long been worked out, and the repair itself is not ruinous even for the owner of a budget car. The reliability of modern CVT transmissions has also increased. Therefore, the choice between automatic gearbox and manual gearbox for a resident of a megalopolis has not been standing for a long time – life in city traffic jams can only make a “machine” comfortable.

A panoramic roof or sunroof is rapidly gaining popularity after the automatic transmission.
The love of designers for panoramic roofs is not just a fashion trend – it was suggested by physiologists who revealed a stable connection between the lack of sunlight and human well-being. Therefore, panoramic roofs are popular in the northern countries with their long polar nights. A panoramic sunroof or roof allows you to add light and sun to our lives. And the feeling of a more spacious interior in such cars also significantly increases comfort for the driver and passenger.

A motorist living in the city should think about equipping his car with a parking assistant. This option is very useful, especially for novice drivers or for those who have not learned how to calculate the size and who are still afraid of parking in the dungeons of shopping centers. The most common parking sensors with sound alarms, albeit less informative than devices with outputting pictures from the rear view camera to the monitor, but it helps no less.

In an era of skyrocketing fuel prices, when the price of a liter of gasoline has exceeded all borders, there are more and more arguments in favor of diesel engines. When using high-quality fuel, they can boast no less reliability and greater efficiency. Add to this the excellent throttle response and thrust of diesel engines and get the perfect car. However, a cooler diesel engine not only warms up the interior worse, but also needs to be heated. Since we are still far from the Scandinavian countries with their parking lots equipped with outlets for heating, installing a pre-heater is an obvious solution. Choosing a brand is practically not worth it.


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