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7 types of drivers

7 types of drivers 1

Recent European studies have shown that all drivers can be grouped into 7 different types. Find your type, or indicate another option in the comments.

Social psychologists at the London University of Economics and Political Science, together with the American company Goodyear Tires, conducted research in the social psychology of road safety. As a result of the study, different ways of drivers reacting to interaction with each other during traffic were revealed..

After conducting opinion polls and interviewing many European drivers, the researchers identified 7 different personalities that, one way or another, manifest themselves in a person sitting behind the wheel.

The first type of personality is a teacher who simply needs to do everything possible so that the offender knows what he is doing wrong and is waiting for a kind of recognition for his attempts to “teach”.

7 types of drivers 2

The next type of “yummy know-it-all” thinks that no one drives better than himself and is waiting for any opportunity to scream at someone while staying in the car.

7 types of drivers 3

The third type is a rival, always trying to be ahead of other drivers, and very unhappy when someone tries to overtake him. This type of driver is immediately determined by constant acceleration, when he is ahead of him and always keeps small distances between his and the traveling vehicles in front, so as not to let anyone squeeze in.

7 types of drivers 4

The punisher, as you might have guessed, likes to punish everyone who dared to commit any wrongdoing on the road. In common people they are called either “road nut” or “ferocious racer.” Such drivers like to get out of their cars right in the middle of the road and personally sort things out.

7 types of drivers 5

Philosophers calmly take all the hiccups and find reasonable explanations for them. Such drivers always manage to control their emotions while in the car..

7 types of drivers 6

Such personalities on the road, perceive all “non-cultural” drivers impartially and do not consider them a threat.

7 types of drivers 7

This type of driver is constantly listening to music or talking on the phone while riding. According to the researchers, “The fugitives are distracted in different ways just to avoid contact with other road users”.

“On the road, most of the time we sit quietly in our driver’s seat, but sometimes it may happen that we have to interact with other drivers, whether we want to or not,” says Dr. Chris Tenant, a social psychologist and research leader. “Thus, the road is a complex and inconsistent environment. While we complain about the misconduct of others, this study suggests that their behavior depends on ourselves. We ourselves create personalities that we don’t love. From a psychological point of view, these different types of drivers are the so-called shell that we accept when interacting with other road users. Depending on the situation, a person may take a different shell or even several at once..


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