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7 Ways to Use a Pressure Washer – Car Wash

7 Ways to Use a Pressure Washer - Car Wash 1

Pressure washers are widely used among their owners. Specialists of Husqvarna, manufacturer of equipment for gardens, forests and parks, talk about the widespread uses of high-pressure washers..

Method 1. Cleaning the machine.

The most popular and direct use of a high pressure washer is car cleaning. This is an economical way to keep your vehicle in a tidy condition, especially in the seasons when cars require frequent washing due to the increased amount of dust and dirt. The choice of high pressure washer, however, depends on the complexity and scope of work. For this Husqvarna offers a range of high pressure washers of various capacities (from 320 to 650 l / h) and pressure (from 125 to 160 bar), which alone or complete with accessories cope with pollution of any complexity. There is a special kit for washing the car, consisting of a nozzle for surfaces that require careful maintenance, a nozzle with a bend for washing hard-to-reach spots and a brush with a rubber scraper

To avoid divorces, you should follow a few rules. To begin, apply foam to a dry, dirty machine using a special nozzle. Important: you need to do this from the bottom up. With this application, the foam does not drain off the car, but mixes with dirt and lingers on the body. The Husqvarna FS300 special foam sprayer will help regulate the amount of foam for precise dosing, depending on specific tasks. After 5-10 minutes, the foam must also be washed from the bottom up, so that the detergent is in contact with the surface longer. This is convenient, and this method allows you not to miss dirty places on the body. For more gentle care, choose a special cleaning agent and car wax that will provide a gentle cleaning of vehicles that require more gentle care. After that, rinse the machine again with clean water and wipe it dry with a rag. It’s better not to do this in the sun, because in bright sunlight the chemical compositions of detergents dry faster, before they can work. Observing such simple rules, the vehicle will be clean without streaks.

Method 2. Washing the garage and other structures.

A motorist, summer resident or owner of a private house in most cases owns a garage or other building structure. The main problem is the accumulation of dust, grass, and earth from an indoor site or on walls. First you need to take out items and clean the entire room with a high-power sink Husqvarna 300th or 400th series. Compact high pressure washers with increased motor resources cope with the cleaning of both vertical and horizontal contaminated surfaces. High-performance brushes for gentle hard cleaning of various sizes or a spray gun at an angle with a nozzle length of 470 mm for cleaning hard-to-reach spots will take up little space in your storage room for accessories, but at the same time they will significantly increase the range of your work. The “rotor” type nozzle, already supplied with high pressure washers, will provide a powerful flow of water, coping with the removal of stubborn dirt from engine oil in a matter of minutes.

Method 3. Gardening equipment conservation.

Country hand tools and garden wheel equipment require conservation for the winter. It must be remembered that washing all tools is required before cleaning for the winter. It’s easy to clean shovels, choppers, and similar equipment simply with water and a rag, and, for example, a gas mower or larger equipment, it’s quite difficult to thoroughly clean it only with improvised means. Cultivators, riders, lawn mowers also belong to difficult to clean equipment. Wet cleaning is not possible for battery technology, but gasoline equipment that has been prepared beforehand (draining oil, gasoline) must be thoroughly rinsed to remove any remaining grass and traces of oil in hard-to-reach places, then dry and carry out subsequent work (grease the cutting headset with oil).

Method 4. Preservation of the pool.

The outdoor pool always needs periodic cleaning of plaque, algae, grease particles. The one that is at the ground level is preserved in a special way: the water is drained, a full disinfecting cleaning is carried out and it is poured again with clean water, closed with an awning. One of the most powerful high pressure washers, Husqvarna Pw 460 with a productivity of 570 – 650 l / h knock out plaque and algae from the most secluded crevices. You can immediately pour bleach into the built-in detergent tank and rinse the pool, thereby degreasing it. Such a professional high pressure washer with increased engine life can fulfill the whole range of tasks for the care of the pool. The model is equipped with a flexible high-pressure hose, which is reinforced with steel wire to prevent creases, and the brass pump cover and ceramic piston coating ensure its durability.

Method 5. Cleaning the suburban area and pipe cleaning.

After autumn-winter precipitation, which leaves a lot of dirt on garden paths, the owners of the plots need to clean the area. Professional technology with increased productivity will greatly facilitate this process. A powerful, high-pressure, directional jet will ideally knock dirt and debris out of even the tightest spots, saving you time and effort. For sidewalks, brick walls, wood, as well as other surfaces resistant to water, there is a special cleaner for stone and wood. In addition, the adjacent area includes communications such as drainage pipes, storm sewers, a special 15-meter flexible hose helps to clean them..

Method 6. Carpet Washing.

Owners of a high pressure washer can easily clean the carpet from dust and stubborn dirt. Thanks to the directed powerful stream all dirt is instantly washed out. This effect cannot be achieved with a conventional vacuum cleaner. Compact pressure washer is best suited Husqvarna PW 125, which has a foam spray and the power necessary for such work. First you need to apply foam using a spray gun, let it brew for a while, and then using a nozzle of the “rotor” type, use a powerful jet to bring down all the dirt.

Method 7. Cleaning the ventilation filters.

The most sticky, greasy and heavily washable dirt is on the ventilation grilles and filters. Often it is difficult to wash them even with a stiff brush. In this case, we recommend using a high pressure washer, which will erase all the dirt from plastic and iron surfaces. It is better to use a detergent that is suitable for hoods, on which a lot of fat accumulates. If the ventilation is not washed in time, then it will quickly clog and air will circulate poorly in the room. A multifunctional nozzle of the “flat stream” type, which acts on the area that comes with high pressure washers, will be indispensable in this case.


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