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8 disadvantages of diesel engines

8 disadvantages of diesel engines 1

The main difference between a diesel engine and a gasoline engine is that diesel fuel enters the combustion chamber of the cylinder during an air compression stroke and immediately ignites. This means that the air-fuel mixture is formed directly in the chamber, and the specific volume of air in it is greater than in the mixture formed in cars with gasoline engines. This allows more efficient use of fuel, because when more oxygen is received, the combustion process becomes more intense. Thanks to this, diesels can be called more economical and, accordingly, less harmful to the environment..

But their advantages end there, and the disadvantages are a whole list of eight points:

1. Cars with diesel engines are much more expensive than cars with gasoline engines.
2. Diesels have a lower operating range, which requires more frequent gear changes if the car uses a manual gearbox. The diesel unit pulls a maximum of 4 thousand revolutions, and gasoline – up to 6 thousand.
3. Maintenance of diesel engines requires expensive equipment, which affects the cost of service stations.
4. Warming up is very slow, and the use of a poorly heated motor significantly reduces its service life..
5. Old diesel engines do not have a warm-up system before starting. It will not be possible to start the car in winter if you do not use special “winter” fuel.
6. In small towns it is not easy to find high-quality fuel. And diesel engines don’t tolerate “bodily” fuel.
7. Owners of early models are very worried about noise and vibration. True, this problem has already been fixed in new cars..
8. Cars equipped with diesel engines weigh more than gasoline. This affects the dynamic properties of the machine..


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