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8th generation Toyota Hilux

8th generation Toyota Hilux 1

The incredible eighth generation Toyota Hilux

8th generation Toyota Hilux 2

On the twenties of May 2015, Thailand and Australia showed off the presentation of the latest Toyota Hilux car. Hilux 8 was transformed not only externally and internally, but also “charged” with a huge number of technological innovations. It is worth noting that Toyota Hilux is one of the world’s most popular pickups (this includes our country). Over the course of forty-seven, more than sixteen million of these representatives have been sold to the world, and America, with its great love for cars of this type, is not included.

Outwardly, Hilux equipped with good optics and Korollovskaya, as well as powerful headlights, a modified bumper, wide stamps on the wings and neat windows on the side doors at the rear. In addition, the breathtaking interior, which now looks easy, fashionable and relevant. It is worth noting the brand new front panel, which is decorated in the style of minimalism, an unusual steering wheel, and a good screen.

We started ordering a novelty in our country in July this year. The cost of the car in the initial configuration with a hundred and fifty-horsepower diesel engine and mechanics will cost one and a half million rubles. A machine equipped with the most powerful engine, with a power of one hundred seventy-seven forces and an automatic machine, will cost about one million nine hundred twenty thousand rubles. As for the Hailux in the configuration of the Prestige, its cost will be two million seventy seven thousand rubles.

Standard equipment includes many airbags, anti-lock braking system, sensors, self-locking differential and turning off the front differential. The most advanced version in the supplement has diode lights, a leather interior, a “climate”, a seven-inch screen, cameras, massive wheels for wheels and much more.


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