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9 tips for choosing a car

9 tips for choosing a car 1

9 tips for choosing a car 2

1. Do not choose a car because of a particular brand. If you want to spend a large amount on the purchase of your favorite car, leave the emotions at home. Otherwise, without even exploring other options, you will get a car that will not meet all your desires. If this happens, then you will lose in the assessment of reliability and information about the cost. This is what car dealers want to sell you a car more expensive. That is why you should put aside emotions and make a decision to buy with a cold head. That’s the moment when you buy a really good car, then let the emotions go.

2. In no case do not forget about the test drive. It is worth recalling that a test drive is the most powerful argument in buying a car. All cars look compelling on magazine covers. But it’s better to drive a car yourself than read reviews in a magazine. This is the only way to get a standing car. But increasingly, the vast majority of buyers use conventional rolling, and sometimes they completely miss it. This oversight could be a big problem in the future. For you to understand the car, its advantages, its disadvantages, you need at least half an hour.

3. Do not see the “super price”. Do not trust the super discounts offered by sellers. Often, dealers offer a discount only because the model has no demand among buyers, and if there are no buyers, then, therefore, something is wrong in the car. That’s why you should not fall for such a!

4. Be careful, you can buy a deal, not a car. Such advertising offers have become increasingly popular: “0% loan”. Such traps are designed to entice and deceive the buyer, since cars are not bought for a year. That is why you should not fall for such an advertising ploy. It’s worth remembering that you are buying a thing, a car, and not some kind of financing product.

5. Do not contact the bank that the car dealer offers. Often, loans can differ from each other in thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of rubles. Before you buy a car, conduct an analysis of all lenders and their products in a variety of banks, comparing conditions and rates. If the seller offers various banks, then you can choose the most profitable for you.

6. Consider the security system. Today, car dealerships offer a wide range of security systems for your future car. But many buyers do not suspect which security features are basic, and which are simply “quirks for the wealthy.” Car safety is the presence of side and front airbags, ABS, exit systems.

7. Do not pay for everything. Many of the features that the seller offers are useless. The dealer is trying to convince you as much as possible, because his profit depends on it. But just do not forget that this is a waste of money for nothing. Optional options include: Additional rust protection, engraving the car number on the glass. No need to buy anti-corrosion treatment, because each car is pre-processed at the factory. If a car is bought with the “high reliability” option, that is, it lasts for more than five years, many options are just a waste of money for nothing.

8. In no case do not change the old car for a discount for a new one. You just lose money. You must first find out the price of your old car and sell it at your own price, rather than the car dealer.

9. Do not buy a used car without an expert. Also check the car in the repair shop, at the mechanic who provides diagnostic services. The mechanic without error will determine whether the car is broken or a changeling, and write an estimate of the costs of eliminating the shortcomings. Only in this case you can buy a used car at a bargain and fair price..


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