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Airbrushing – opening a business

Airbrushing - opening a business 1

Promising automotive business projects – airbrushing

Airbrushing - opening a business 2

What should be understood by airbrushing?

A synonym is aerobrashing. It’s about drawing drawings. Dyes can be both liquid and powder. The drawing process provides compressed air and a special device airbrush. The latter is actually a spray gun. If desired, the width of the stream of paint can be adjusted, which greatly simplifies the work. To fix the applied pattern, a special varnish is used, after applying which it is impossible to wash off the pattern. Below we consider the nuances of the idea, which is based on airbrushing.

What gives car owners airbrushing?

Airbrushed drawings serve as elements that minimize (exclude) the likelihood of car theft. The larger, brighter the image, the lower the risk of losing a car. Pictures are a kind of markers by which operatives can find the missing in a matter of hours.

The main minus of the project

Owners of cars older than middle age are distrustful of the proposal, and some fundamentally refuse to refine cars, explaining that it will be more difficult to sell a car with a picture. This understanding of affairs is incorrect. After the work of an experienced master, the cost of the machine can be safely increased by 10%.

What you need before you start?

Drawing images using an airbrush can be compared with the work of a tattoo artist – the slightest mistake can lead to an irreparable negative result. You can, of course, apply a new pattern, but this is an additional expense of dyes and the indignation of the client, which can result in litigation.

To gain trust from the target audience you should be puzzled by filling out a portfolio. Naturally, you need to introduce motorists to their best masterpieces.

Entrepreneurs who do not have experience in airbrushing should work as an apprentice, fill their hand. You can go the other way – hire a professional artist.

Also, before starting your business, you need to master such software as Corel, Photoshop, used to create sketches. Sketches on paper are the last century..

It may immediately seem that this business is not affected by seasonality. In reality, there is a certain dependence on the seasons. This is indicated by people who have already taken place in airbrushing. In winter, owners of motor vehicles mainly turn in during transitional periods – motorists. In summer, the predominant demand for home improvement.

Investments – $ 2,000. In this case, the costs will be associated with:

– rent payment. An airtight box will be required, plus good lighting, an extractor fan;

– acquisition of tools. Need an airbrush, airbrush, compressor.

Do not do without a drying chamber.

The financial side of innovative ideas

The cost of services is primarily affected by the complexity of the work, the price of fittings, consumables. Do not forget about the image of the master.

The price of a simple monophonic contour image without a background is 8000 p., A detailed drawing with a background is 17000 p..

The above prices are relevant in the case of refinement of 1 element of the machine – wings, doors, trunk lids.

3 specialists will be able to guarantee a full-fledged work – a bodybuilder, a painter, an artist.

The first step is to prepare the surface. In this regard, it is important to get rid of chips, dents, scratches..

Such a business is of particular interest to car service owners. Enough to hire a master airbrush.

Practice has shown that each artist has his own style of work. Therefore, to attract more customers, you should hire several masters.

In the capital, you can turn to the famous airbringer Ilnur for help. For three days, he guarantees to transfer his theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The price of the issue is $ 450. You will have to master the work with the software yourself.

You can switch to freight, public transport, mobile phones, household appliances, PCs, tablets, furniture, skateboards and other sports equipment, helmets for cyclists, motorcyclists.


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