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AIRpod – new in the old guise

AIRpod - new in the old guise 1

AIRpod - new in the old guise 2

Since 2009, the French company MDI has been producing cars under the name AIRpod. What is it? This is a machine, or “machine,” as you wish, driven by compressed air. This toy works only in warm latitudes. But today, with an air heating system, its geography has been greatly expanded. However, you can only buy this product in Hawaii..

The French had the rights to produce cars until 2015. Apparently something went wrong, and ZPM bought the innovative car. So far, only Hawaii will produce and sell the new acquisition. But there is a positive point. This region is indicated only as a launching pad. Therefore, we should expect the appearance of the “baby” in other regions.

What is so unique about this model? Obviously, the movement is due to compressed air. The “engine” is powered by two cylinders of compressed air. Each – 125 liters. Refueling such cylinders takes only about three minutes. The cost of refueling is two dollars. Charging electrical devices takes no more than 4 hours.

Engine displacement – 430 cubic centimeters. Its device is pneumatic propeller. In this case, two cylinders are available. An important detail is safety. We all heard of burning Tesla. Here, even in an accident, the engines can be deformed, but do not explode..

The manufacturer offers three vehicle options to choose from:

Standart. A feature of the instance is the availability of three places for adults and one for a child. In fact, we have a family car.

Cargo This sample has a body designed for small cargo volumes..

Baby Well, everything is simple here. Before us is a double street car. It is this model that has the highest priority in promoting.

Surprising baby weight. It reaches 280 kilograms. The car has 4 wheels, of which the rear ones are leading. The maximum speed is limited to 80 kilometers per hour, with a power reserve of 130 to 150 kilometers. The gearbox has three speeds and reverse gear..

Air conditioning is present. True, in the Hawaiian version, it is only able to cool the interior. But, the design of the car itself, in no case does not exclude the presence of a heater. It seems that the Hawaii sales market will not be limited. Of course, only in case of successful sales. But there is one thing, but. Despite the development of modern technology, the car is still for the summer. He will not survive the harsh winter.

What is left to us? Hopes to wait for this “unique” to come to our market..


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