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All-Russian rally Vladivostok

All-Russian rally Vladivostok 1

All-Russian rally Vladivostok

All-Russian motor rally Vladivostok – Kaliningrad “Killed roads”.

Away at the Peter Lada Auto Show on Kingiseppsky, 50 Alexander Gorlanov.

Adyaeva Nastasya: Hello, Alexander!

Alexander Gorlanov: Hello!

AN: Alexander, tell us a little about yourself..

AG: I’m a master of sports in motor sports, since 2001, co-founder of the Automobile Sports Federation of the Pskov Region. I also teach the basics of safe driving, improving driving skills, emergency training, sports aerobatics, etc..

AN: And take part in competitions?

AG: Of course. This is my life, hobby and work..

AN: Alexander, remember the last competitions in which you participated?

AG: It was a rally “South Ural-2011” on June 8-9. Broslavsky and I participated in the next stage of the Russian Championship.

AN: And how are you doing??

AG: Everything was fine, but in the second section of the race, our engine failed. It’s a shame, but we were not able to finish.

AN: Don’t worry, I’m sure you are a great navigator.

AN: Alexander, I heard you participated in the rally, though?

AG: Yes, that’s right. It was the All-Russian rally Vladivostok – Kaliningrad “Killed Roads”.

AN: “Killed roads”?

AG: Yes, they are. This is the well-known social movement of Pskov “Killed Roads”. My good friend, Alexander Vasiliev, leader of this movement.

AN: And how many kilometers did you overcome with “Killed Roads”?

AG: 11 thousand through the large cities of our vast Motherland. These are Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Chita, Ulan-Ude, Irkutsk, Kurgan, Chelyabinsk, etc..

AN: And how many days did this trip take?

AG: We left Vladivostok on August 25th. In fact, 27 days were in transit.

AN: And you drove 27 days a day?!

AG: No, that you. We stayed overnight at roadside hotels. In addition, we had planned events in some cities where we stayed for a day or more.

AN: For example. What event was most remembered?

AG: I remember the plant in Tolyatti. AvtoVAZ President Komarov personally conducted a tour of the workshop where Lada is assembled. We watched the assembly line. We talked with the workers. And also saw and “felt” Lada Grand.

AN: Probably, this question is of interest to many motorists. And how do you like Lada Grant?

AG: I mean, how? A car is like a car. Compared with others, it is pointless. I am opposed to car comparisons.

AN: What car did you participate in the car race?

AG: I’m on the Lada Priore Coupe. Nice car.

AG: Firstly, Lada is not inferior to European car brands, secondly, she even wins a little due to price and service, and thirdly, Priora did not let me down on the road, and this is a huge plus for her.

AN: And yet, you have become famous in Russia and abroad thanks to auto racing and rally. And you participated in the race for the first time?

AG: No, this is not the first rally in my life. Somehow, my friends and I decided to arrange a rally Vladivostok – Kurgan in a week, because we assumed that the Ural ridge divides Russia more or less in half. So, we left Vladivostok, we are going a week – there is no mound, we are going the second – there is no mound. And only for the third week did we end up in Kurgan. It turned out that instead of the estimated 3 thousand kilometers, we drove all 8.

AN: Yes, a really funny case. But you had a navigator, a map and a navigator. Did not help?

AH: That’s just the point, no. We rode with the thought that through the kilometer our goal would come. We were not ready for such surprises, but everything ended well and we were satisfied.

AN: That’s great. Alexander, let me summarize our meeting and the rally together. Are there many “killed roads” in Russia?

AG: This is an eternal question. In fact, the roads in Russia are much better than we thought before the rally. Somewhere better, somewhere worse, but in general the roads are in good condition.

AN: Well, the last question for today, Russian roads for Russian cars?

AG: Of course, it is better to travel along our roads in Ladakh, since these cars are adapted specifically for our unpredictable climate, variable road surface, and besides, finding the right part will not be difficult both in a megalopolis and in a small town. Therefore, problems should not arise.


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