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All the pros and cons of winter tires

All the pros and cons of winter tires 1

All the pros and cons of studded and not studded winter tires

All the pros and cons of winter tires 2

With the advent of winter, the question arises, “What winter tires to buy?” After all, if you choose the right rubber, it will be the key to your safety in the winter.

Winter tires to the touch, softer.

To make a choice, think about which roads you will drive in winter.

For icy and snowy roads, choose studded tires.

And for the city it is better to choose not studded (Velcro), since the probability of skidding will be much less.

On the tread, non-studded tires have a large number of slots (lamellas). It is they who, when coupled with the road from the wheel, divert ice and snow.

Non-studded tires operate more efficiently in the ABC system. If the wheel scrolls when sliding on the road, then due to the lambs of firs, an imitation of adhesion constantly occurs.

Pros of non-studded rubber.

1. They are quieter, if you change summer tires to winter tires (Velcro) you will not notice the difference in sound.

2. Rubber sticks well to ice and asphalt.

Cons of studded tires.

1. On unpaved roads, the likelihood of skidding increases.

2. Such rubber is more suitable for city roads.

Studded winter tires greatly facilitate driving in the winter, as the ice surface collapses from contact with metal spikes. The usual arrangement of the spikes is the side of the tread. Their installation should be such that at least ten studs are in contact with the road surface at the same time.

Special Shapes.

The most popular is the round shape. This spike is more durable, and when it comes in contact with asphalt, it wears out less than spikes with pointed shapes.

In regions with more severe climates, for slippery roads, studs with a diamond-shaped or rectangular type of pattern are suitable. They best increase stud grip..

Studded tires have a destructive effect on the roads, so restrictions are more often imposed on it, and in many countries it is prohibited. Allowed only for cars such as racing and trucks.

The benefits of studded tires.

1. Good grip on ice or snow.

2. Faster braking on the road.

Cons of studded tires.

1. The spikes are very loud.

2. Poor braking on asphalt.

When buying winter tires, pay attention to the tread pattern. It is of two types, Scandinavian and European.

Scandinavian type of drawing.

• It goes more prominent.

• On the tread, the checkers are square or diamond-shaped with sharp edges.

• Rubber with this pattern is usually made studded, or with holes for studs.

• Mainly designed for snowy and icy roads.

European type of pattern.

• To drain water a lot of slats and channels.

• Rubber with such a pattern is suitable for urban roads, most often for trips in wet snow.

Winter tires have their own marking..

W + snowflake – For winter.

M + S – For snow and mud.

AW – For any weather

AS – For all seasons.

Some tips on which rubber you still choose studded, or not studded.

When buying studded tires, choose trusted companies that have proven their worth.

Do not put tires with different sizes and types of patterns. Since when you skid on the road, your car will become uncontrollable, and this can lead to an accident.

Check the tire pressure often. In winter, pressure is allowed from 5 to 10%.

To make your rubber last longer, change it when a warm period occurs.

Buy winter tires before the onset of cold weather, as their price will be much cheaper, and when replacing them, save your time on installation.


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