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All-weather universal rubber

All-weather universal rubber 1

All-weather universal rubber. To be or not to be?

All-weather universal rubber 2

Disputes among motorists on the theme of seasonal tire changes have not subsided so far. Specialists blow about the importance in the cold of being in all arms and changing the all-weather universal shoes of your car for, albeit the cheapest, winter tires.

To begin with, you didn’t even have a thought in winter to leave your house in autumn shoes, so why it is believed that to ride, endangering not only yourself, but the rest of the participants of the movement, on all-weather tires is normal. The shoes of the car, which are numb from the cold during braking and acceleration, not only refuses to normally perform the functions assigned to it, but also contributes to an unstable trajectory in both situations. With the same success, you can fasten wooden circles instead of wheels and ride on public roads without worrying about anything.

Cars of our time are made taking into account the achievements of modern technologies, in particular the notorious and beloved foreign cars, but their stabilization and control systems for car behavior on the road do not know that there is all-weather rubber. This is a very unpleasant story of unpredictability of what can happen at one or another moment of your road life. It is impossible to count on the help of modern technological improvements that should facilitate the task of the driver.

Any driver of a classic smiles after reading about new technologies in the car, but even a rarity called the “domestic auto industry” behaves much better on the road when there are winter tires. Anyone who understands that you can’t save on your own health, not to mention the nervous system, will fork out for such a luxury, but, believe me, it’s worth it.

Wheels designed for winter driving are more predictable and more adequate in difficult weather conditions. Due to the greater concentration of rubber, they remain elastic even in severe frosts, which gives an excellent controllability effect. Metal spikes were also added for ice, but they work a little better only when moving and accelerating on a flat surface, braking when they are present is not more effective than when they are absent.

Today’s winters are constant thaws and clean asphalt for half the cold season, and spikes on clean asphalt surface behave worse than summer tires in winter. And another important fact, most of the inhabitants forget the main thing, braking is done with four wheels and no computers can help stop the car faster than they can. All-weather tires are designed to operate at least minus five degrees, and winter is recommended for installation when the daytime temperature does not exceed plus ten. If you carefully study the recommendations of manufacturers of universal tires, then you will have to ride them no more than one – two months a year, which is not just not profitable, but also looks like stupid squandering, which is not permissible for an adult independent person.

Which side do not look, and there should not be a place for all-weather tires in your automotive and adventurous life. There is no universal shoe for socks all year round, even for very big money, and many do not want to understand this. The biggest giants in the production of automobile shoes, for some reason, are not involved in the production of all-weather rubber, is it not strange?

When it is warm and you decide to change winter tires, change it to summer. All-weather for the summer heat is too soft, it wears out faster, and because of its unacceptable viscosity, the fuel consumption of your car will be higher than it could be. Its braking distance is ten percent higher than that of summer options, and this is very often a decisive moment in extreme situations.


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