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Alpina B4 Biturbo: a landslide victory

Alpina B4 Biturbo: a landslide victory 1

Alpina B4 Biturbo: a landslide victory 2

BMW has been trying for quite some time to give its new brainchild Alpina features that would allow it to take a place among cars made on the successful base of BMW M. In the current version, this seems to be possible. The cost will be for this series of models at about the same level as that of the M4, and now, after showing the diesel version of the D3 at the cabin, they will prepare for the production of a convertible and a coupe with a gasoline engine. The engine performance is almost the same as that of the M4, like a three-liter engine with a double turbocharging level, but the curb weight will be different from the M4. No wonder the acceleration speed to 100 km / h for this model also fully corresponds to the M4 (the officially indicated difference is 0.1 sec).

The original car for Alpina was the 435i model, which was then reworked and the engine, and gearbox, and tires with wheels, and cooling systems, steering and aerodynamics. The suspension has undergone no less changes. Given that the company produces only 1,500 cars annually, such volumes of alterations is not a joke. The power of the N55’s own engine was increased from 306 to 404 liters. with., replacing the turbocharger, even double, two exhaust pipes, which are located on both sides of the body and perform their functions in parallel. Yes, this turned out to be not as impressive as the S55 model, where the torque reached 442 lb-ft, versus 405 for the model in question.

The new ZF gearbox is exclusively automatic (manual control will not be for fundamental reasons), at eight speeds. After the modification, it became easier to switch and act faster. The chassis was completely transformed – up to bushings and shock absorbers, inclusive. The main goal that was set and achieved was to change the work environment by 40%, which improves the absorption of all shocks and makes it possible to almost not feel the movement.

Wheels are also their own specifics. The original tires were developed by Michelin specifically for this model, the 20-inch wheels are very reliable, the Brembo brakes are gigantic and also fully specialized. But Alpina does not set a standard limited-slip differential, only for an additional payment.

The overall driving experience is rare silence and comfort. Tires are softer than standard Michelin tires, if you put shock absorbers on preset settings, you can not hear anything when driving. In this case, the engine thrust sends this car to compete with the younger models of famous supercars and if you open the throttle, its roar will make you fly into the air.


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