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Angel eyes on the BMW E34 – tuning optics

Angel eyes on the BMW E34 - tuning optics 1

Angel eyes on the BMW E34 – tips for installing tuning headlights

Angel eyes on the BMW E34 - tuning optics 2

How to choose and install angel eyes on the BMW E34

Each car owner takes care of his “iron horse”, and therefore seeks to equip it with only the best parts, constantly improve its safety and decorate to stand out from the crowd. It is for such purposes that it is customary to install “angel eyes” on the BMW E34, which allow several times to improve the exterior of the vehicle and give it an ethereal look from which it is impossible to take your eyes off.

“Angel Eyes” mounted on a BMW E34 car are a fluorescent lamp made in the form of a half-ring or ring; for greater reliability, it is enclosed in a durable, transparent body. After the first appearance of such optics on the BMW E34, they began to call it a BMW chip, and after that the concern released a number of models with this accessory.

“Angel Eyes” or Galaxy CCFL eyes are usually installed on BMW E30, E32, E34 cars. In the kit, this tuning optics for BMW E34 contains four rings for two headlights and everything you need to install them. The installation technology of this equipment is so simple and innovative at the same time that each car owner can do it on his own. To install the “angel eyes” in the headlights on the BMW E34, you can use double-sided tape, special clothespins or transparent silicone glue for headlight glasses to attach them.

The innovative development of CCFL is a cold cathode placed in a fluorescent lamp, and it can give out bright lighting due to the passage of the electrode. The lamp is enclosed in a plastic case and closed with a special aluminum plate on the back side, it is this plate that acts as a reflector. If we talk about lighting, the “angel eyes” resemble fluorescent lights (they are used today in many rooms). These tuning lights on the BMW E34 are characterized by a long service life and high brightness (white light). Due to these characteristics, “angel eyes” effectively stand out not only at night, but also in sunlight.


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