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Anticorrosion treatment of a car

Anticorrosion treatment of a car 1

Anticorrosion treatment of a car

What is anticorrosive made for? Any car, even just got off the assembly line, as practice shows, rusts. Anti-icing agents used on roads, such as salt and sand, also have a negative effect on the car..

At Russian automobile factories, the already imperfect technologies for the production and assembly of cars are not always followed. As a result, the end consumer receives a car with a body, which began to rot even before entering public roads. Of course, corrosion cannot be completely stopped, but it can be minimized – for this there is anti-corrosion treatment.

Types of Corrosion There are three types of corrosion: chemical – metal is oxidized under the influence of various compounds that are in the environment; electrochemical – rust appears under the influence of an electrolyte (water in which a large amount of impurities is dissolved); mechanochemical, when the mechanical effects on body parts are added to the first two types – vibration, friction, etc..

The most common type of corrosion for a car is electrochemical. Winter roads, which are constantly sprinkled with salt in the city, rain, snowfall, condensation when air temperature changes – all these are sources of electrolyte, water, in which a huge amount of various substances are dissolved.

Even a small violation of the production technology of body parts leads to the appearance of electrochemical corrosion in them. For example, when stamping, steel may be of inadequate quality, and when painting the surface is not as clean as the technology requires.

Continuous corrosion is characterized by a large area of ​​damage and occurs on the bottom, under floor mats, etc. However, local corrosion is more dangerous, which appears at the places of various joints of body parts. Such corrosion quickly leads to the appearance of through holes, which negatively affects the stiffness and strength of the entire body.

Hidden body cavities are more susceptible to corrosion: thresholds, door cavities, etc. They accumulate water, dirt, the same salt from the roads – it is almost impossible to remove all this by drying.

The need for complete processing of the car When processing a car with an anti-corrosion coating, you should not dwell on only a part of the corrosion protection work. It’s better to do it all at once. Full anti-corrosion treatment includes several types of work, for each of which special materials and equipment are used. Each type of work is designed to protect certain problem areas of the car..

The fight against rust begins already at the factory. The paintwork is not only aesthetic, but primarily practical. Body parts are primed and then painted to protect the car body from harmful rust in the first step. The quality of the primers, paints, and also the steel itself determine the future of the car.

Processing procedure The external surfaces of the body, especially the underbody, wheel arches, sills, are constantly exposed to stones and sand. To protect the body in this case, special mastics are used, which have a thick consistency, and when dried remain elastic. This coating protects steel and paint from abrasion, which prevents corrosion on the surface of parts. Such anti-gravel anti-noise mastic is applied either manually, with a brush, or spraying using special equipment.

The paintwork before protection should be well cleaned of various aggressive compounds – oxides, salts and exfoliated varnish. To do this, before treating the body, its surface is polished with special cleaning polishes. After this, the drug is applied manually, with a sponge over the entire surface of the body. Then they perform actions similar to polishing – they rub the preparation with a polishing machine with a woolen circle fixed to it. This coating protects the body from moisture from the environment and the oxidizing agents contained in it..

The most crucial moment is the processing of hidden cavities. In such places, as mentioned above, moisture and dirt constantly collect, therefore it is very important to clean all internal surfaces of hidden cavities from various impurities. It is quite difficult to do this, so the processing procedure is carried out using means that themselves push out unnecessary garbage. The treatment of hidden cavities is carried out by spraying a protective substance, resulting in the formation of fog, which penetrates perfectly into all inaccessible places. However, spraying is rarely possible to achieve a good result, and here an electric drill comes to the rescue. To achieve better penetration of the protective coating, several holes are often made through which anti-corrosion agents are sprayed..

Additional body protection In addition to chemical treatment of the body to increase corrosion resistance, and more precisely to protect the body from water and dirt, it would be nice to use various additional body components, such as mudguards, wing flaps, etc. Most often they are installed using self-tapping screws to “regular” places . When installing such additional equipment, it is necessary to treat the joints with anti-corrosion material.


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