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Audi A2

Audi A2 1

Audi A2 2

Discharge Five-door hatchback class C

Seats 5

Engine Palette Petrol, diesel. Volume from 1.2 to 1.6 L.

Types of transmissions Front, permanent full

Drive Automatic 4-speed, manual 5-speed

Production Date 2000

EuroNCAP Safety Score 26 of 37

Estimated cost From 11000 to 22000 cu (1 cu = 26 rubles)

Power From 61 to 110 hp.

Elegant and lightweight, comfortable subcompact (discharge B). Ceased to be manufactured in 2005.
The elegant subcompact Audi A2 is a kind of “response” to Audi A-Class Mercedes. However, the child of the Audi A2 looks more thorough.

It so happened that tiny cars “deprive” the necessary options. Audi A2 is considered an exception to this intention. Together with the anti-lock braking system (ABS), the A2 subcompact is equipped with an ESP stability system and EBD braking force detection system. Of course, this affects the dynamic data of the car. To ensure the safety of passengers, the Audi A2 takes into account two direct and two side airbags for safety, which, of course, is not available for every car of this category.

It should be more specific to stay at the Audi A2. It was developed with the help of final technologies and has perfect aerodynamics, regardless of form. Also, the Audi A2 weighs less than a ton! The A2 subcompact coupe is made of metal alloys in the same way as the rich Audi A8 coupe. Thanks to its lightness, the Audi A2 accelerates very well, including with a small motor.

Great dynamics – this, of course, is very significant. But if the future buyer does not like the car outside, his data will not interest anyone. Design Audi A2 when it does not cause love at first sight, then, at least, forces you to familiarize yourself with the subcompact closer. The soft strips of the Audi A2 high saloon create a pleasant and friendly look with an elusive twist. The body of the Audi A2 has the opportunity to boast a host of compartments, pockets and drawers for suitable trifles. A huge glazing area guarantees excellent visibility and allows passengers to fully enjoy the views outside the window.


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