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Audi A3 Sedan

Audi A3 Sedan 1

Audi A3 Sedan 2

The body line of the Audi A3 model was supplemented by a sedan body. How justified is such a step?

Yes, this is another Audi. Another in terms of design ordinaryness and conservative design decisions. The front part of the body is made in the current corporate style of the concern, so distinguishing the A3 sedan from the same Audi A6 in front will not be easy – only the dimensions give the difference. No revelations – LED optics front and rear, and familiar lines along the entire body.

The interior is a model of conciseness. The center console is unloaded as much as possible – only the climate control unit, but the screen that leaves the dashboard. The latter, by the way, includes the management of many functions, navigation and entertainment elements of the player. The quality of materials is top notch.

A flat, without a pronounced profile, the driver’s seat is not very comfortable with active driving – you slip out of it. However, all the necessary adjustments (like lumbar support) are present. The back row does not have the proper spaciousness. Two people will fit here, but nothing more – even they will be cramped in all directions. The luggage compartment is 425 liters – not bad, but if you need to translate long meters, you can fold the back of the back sofa and, at the same time, get 880 liters.

The 1.4 TFSI engine is turbocharged. It delivers 140 horsepower and 250 Newtons of torque. Acceleration to the first hundred takes 8.4 seconds and the maximum speed is 217 km / h – provided that the transmission is robotic with seven steps.

The capabilities of the power plant do not strike the mind with furious acceleration or high speeds. In total – in moderation. Excellent traction appears from 1500 rpm and lasts up to 5000 rpm, but there is no pronounced pickup. The entire acceleration process is a smooth but intense set of speed. The robot box shifts gears perfectly, avoiding procrastination or confusion.

Manageability – understandable, correct, boring. A “transparent” steering wheel with good feedback and information content, however, is rather phlegmatic in reactions. Does not provoke active taxiing. Does not provoke the demolition of the front end to the limit of the possibility of the chassis. The car is designed for measured movement. No, on A3 you can ignite, but in moderation.

It’s much more pleasant to just roll, enjoying the excellent level of noise isolation and comfort provided by moderately stiff, but elastic suspensions.


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