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Audi A4 – new touches and global changes

Audi A4 - new touches and global changes 1

Audi A4 - new touches and global changes 2

Indeed, the power unit in one of the most expensive versions of the Audi A4 Allroad, functions perfectly: a turbodiesel, 245 horses, powerful traction, clear, calculated handling. On any road surface and even at the highest speed, the car behaves confidently and completely predictably.

Another “top-end” and expensive version is the Audi S4, no worse, only more powerful, 333 liters. from. The course of the small steering wheel is shorter than in other trim levels, and is only 2.2 turns. However, the car does not begin to resemble a race car, even with the sport mode activated, everything works smoothly and carefully. The suspension is elastic, although you cannot call it stiff, but it does not allow the car to swing, even with very active maneuvering. There is another option – a sports differential, the activation of which increases traction and speed, in addition to the standard Torsen center differential.
Nobody complained about the chassis of the Audi A4 before restyling, but, apparently, this was not enough for the developers. In this regard, they radically changed the settings, strengthened the suspension of the rear axle, in particular the support of the levers, upgraded the dampers.

To study the new modernized engine, you need to pay attention to the basic version of the car. There is a TFSI with a turbine, 170 forces, 1.8 cubic meters, with a torsion moment of 320 Hm. The developers said that this power unit, after global modernization, began to work more economically, at least 19%. At the same time, it demonstrates excellent performance, dynamics, especially in configurations with a mechanical transmission.

It seems that this engine can be called the standard of excellence, but the restless engineers of the company from Ingolstadt in this case found application to their technical talents. Initially, they decided to reduce the friction of the mating parts. The valve settings were completely redone, which automatically affected the injection system, the manifold, and the turbine. In general, completely modernized the engine.

For accelerated heating of gear oil after the start of movement, a heat exchanger with a solenoid is now installed in A4, There are many innovations in the cabin. In addition to the regular ones and those involved in previous generations of the car, the company offers navigators with Google, phones with Internet access, however, in this case only electronic mail communication is available, and much more.


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