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Audi A4

Audi A4 1

Car AUDI A4: “Fuel Pump, Replacement Pusher”

Replacement of a pusher of TNVD on A4 V7 2,0 TFSI

This topic is devoted not so much to the pusher cam replacement procedure itself, but to some decisions that make this procedure easier, as well as to what sometimes it is worth paying closer attention.

Practice has shown that Volkswagen’s “revolutionary” decision to introduce direct injection into its cars has not yet reached, to put it mildly, a flawless implementation. If the FSI fuel injection pump itself is quite simple and reliable, and, importantly, relatively inexpensive (9000-11000 rubles), then the pusher or “existential” – “Fuel pump rod” (06D 109 309 C) is a rather fragile part, which can lead to very dire consequences.

I personally know people who change this part every second oil change. But this applies mainly to lovers of tuning and extreme driving at high loads, in other words, lovers of “tumble”.

In our case, the client himself expressed a desire to replace the pusher, as he bought a car recently and for his own peace of mind changed everything that is better in such cases to change than to rely on the seller’s word (belts, oil, etc.), which we only categorically welcome.

For starters, I want to show in the figure what is at stake.

Audi A4 2

Audi A4 3
Audi A4 4

06D 109 309 C – TNVD pusher 06E 127 248 – O-ring injection pump

When replacing the cam, we recommend changing the o-ring.
These, in fact, are all the “spare parts” that are necessary to complete this procedure..

So let’s get started. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that Elsa, before starting all work related to the dismantling of the fuel lines, prescribes the procedure for releasing high pressure in the fuel rail.

To do this, fuse No. 28 is removed from the fuse box

Audi A4 5
Audi A4 6

According to the manufacturer’s scheme, this is a fuel pump fuse. This is done due to the fact that on cars of this model the gas pump turns on when the driver’s door is opened, regardless of the ignition switch.

Then remove the wire from the connector from the control valve high pressure N-276

Audi A4 7

We start the car and … “torment until it itself dies.” Only now can we begin the dismantling of fuel pipelines and fuel injection pumps. However, one must be prepared for the fact that some pressure remains in the system, and in order to avoid gasoline spreading over the engine, place rags or rags under the disconnected nodes

Audi A4 8
Audi A4 9

Next, we remove everything that can cause inconvenience, because sometimes it is easier and faster to remove an interfering assembly or part than to wriggle and waste time saving the number of dismantled parts.

Audi A4 10
Audi A4 11

I will not describe completely the procedure for disconnecting all connections and wiring.

I will linger only on one moment. On early models with such a fuel system, the return pipe was made metal, which made it difficult to dismantle the injection pump itself. Later, apparently taking into account the numerous “wishes of the working people”, they began to make it rubber, thereby greatly facilitating this procedure. In our case, we were “unlucky”, and we got a fuel pump with a metal “return”.

For such cases, we made a “special VAGinstrument” – an open-end wrench for 14 with a welded hexagon for 10, which allows you to get quite comfortably to the safety valve fitting on the fuel rail and completely disconnect the fuel drain pipe (“return line”).

Audi A4 12

Audi A4 13
Audi A4 14

Thus, the high-pressure fuel pump gets enough mobility to pull it away from the cylinder head by a distance that allows you to remove the replaceable pusher.

Audi A4 15
Audi A4 16

We take out the pusher and evaluate the degree of wear

Audi A4 17
Audi A4 18

Judging by the appearance, the replacement is done on time, the wear is already noticeable, especially against the background of a new pusher.

Audi A4 19
Audi A4 20

It is not superfluous to look at the condition of the injection pump stem and camshaft cams

Audi A4 21
Audi A4 22

There are also “attritions”, but not critical. But the condition of the back cover (06F 103 107 G) or the housing according to the “existential” causes concern.

Audi A4 23
Audi A4 24

The arrow indicates “scoring” resulting from the play of the pusher in the body of the cylinder head back cover. The client took all our observations into account and somehow was not particularly upset, since the mileage of his car, for this type of car, is quite respectable – over one hundred and fifty thousand kilometers. Offhand, the cost of spare parts at a minimum pulls in twenty-five to thirty thousand, if they find an “empty” cover – a housing, here’s the cam follower ….

I have often heard conversations about “someone having tricked somewhere” on a FSI machine to force the cam follower to be lubricated, but have not seen it with my own eyes, but since such ideas excite the minds of especially fanatical AUDI VW fans, then there are their problems are generating. And therefore, dear colleagues, I think it’s not superfluous to examine this site more closely when working with it.

Arsen & Vlad
© Legion Avtodata


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