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Audi A6

Audi A6 1

Audi A6 2

Category E sedan

Number of seats 4-5

Engine Palette Petrol, diesel. Capacity from 2.0 to 4.2 L.

Transmission types Front, regular full

Drive CVT, automatic 6-speed, manual 6-speed

Production start 2004

Estimated price From 52333 to 96221 cu (1 cu = 26 rubles)

Power From 177 to 335 HP.

The 2010 Audi A6 Enhanced is the 4th elbow of the model, the C7 factory index. The length and height of the car decreased by a small number of millimeters, but in spite of all the above, it became wider by 20 mm. The new model has a fashionable and too entertaining, beautiful design.

According to the brand’s customs, expensive materials were used in the manufacture of the latest Audi A6. The car used brand new optics in front with a diode dipped beam and a continuous winding strip of daytime running light. The powertrain palette of the Audi A6 consists of strong and economical engines that have every chance of working in a duet with few types of gearboxes: mechanized, robotic and CVT

The model replaced the Audi 100 in 1994 and increased the furore of its predecessor..

The modified interior design and a number of technical innovations have given Audi A6 the trust of customers. In 1997, the premiere of the modern development of the Audi A6 was held, which has nothing to do with its predecessor. The latest power equipment, fashionable design and a number of other luxuries in the compartment – all provide utmost convenience and reliability.

The final generation of the Audi A6 looks even more hostile than the previous ones, however, this did not harm the Audi A6 to preserve the shabby and find the latest fans. The carnivorous gaze, the fast outline of the front end and the soft bending of the roof give the Audi A6 uniformity with a limousine and a body at once. It’s wonderful, but this incomprehensible intricacy looks too coherent, creating a chic look.


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