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Audi A7

Audi A7 1

Audi A7 2

Audi A7 was published in 2009 at one of the Paris car dealerships, and in the spring of 2011, the car conquered American markets. As conceived by the developers, the car is only available in one version – a hatchback. The dimensions of this model are: length 4970 cm, width 1910 cm – such dimensions naturally refer this car to luxury cars. A feature of this car was an updated body design with a gently sloping roof. The front of the car is endowed with all the characteristic features of modern cars in the Audi range. The updated radiator grille as if visually lowers the nose of the car, the front optics are noticeably narrowed, but the rear optics, on the contrary, can safely boast of increased dimensions. It was decided to increase the exhaust pipe for this model as well. In view of all these updates, the weight of the car would increase significantly, and in order to avoid this, it was decided to increase the use of aluminum in the design of the car. In view of what, the curb weight of the car was 1690 kg, which is 15% less than the originally planned weight, without an aluminum supplement. Such a significant reduction in weight, very effectively affected not only the controllability of this machine, but also its dynamic qualities.

As for the interior decoration of the car, everything was done there perfectly and the Audi A7 interior is in no way inferior to executive cars. Plastic was practically not used in interior trim; the main material is wood, leather and metal, as accent inserts. In the updated 2011 model, the interior was trimmed with lighter wood with darker streaks. The luggage compartment of 535 liters in volume can be increased by folding the rear seats up to 1400 liters. 4 power units for this model can be replaced and reinstalled at the request of the car owner, two of these 3-liter turbodiesel engines with a capacity of 200 to 250 horses, as well as two gasoline 2.8-3 liters with a capacity of 205-300 hp turbocharged and accelerated for 5.6 s, in both versions. The choice is the owner of this excellent car model.


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