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Audi A8 in the back of D2

Audi A8 in the back of D2 1

Audi A8 in the back of D2 2

Audi was constantly striving to get into the list of companies that produce representative cars. The company made its first movement towards the goal in 1988, introducing the world to its subsequently known model V8. This model managed to hold out on the assembly line for a long 8 years, from 1994 to 2002, when it was replaced by a new model in the back of the D3.

Audi A8 D2 was produced in standard bodywork and “Long”, which had 130 mm extra length. The latest version was equipped exclusively with motors with 12 “boilers”.

The body of the model is made of aluminum. The frame is a spatial view frame on which external aluminum panels are mounted. The advantage of such a body is that it is not susceptible to corrosion, and also provides significant savings in weight, almost 300 kg, when compared with the mass of competitors.

Manufacturers could not avoid the drawbacks of this design, the main of which is the complexity of the repair work, in case of damage during an accident. This requires special welding of aluminum, since conventional argon technology leads to subsequent corrosion.

The failure of the motor for folding the exterior mirrors was a frequent problem for owners.

Most often on our roads there are cars equipped with V8 engines (3.7 and 4.2 liters), issuing 280 and 315 hp. respectively. Less common are V6 engines that deliver 193 hp. with a volume of 2.8 l.

Multi-liter engines were very reliable and able to withstand huge runs. Cases of major repairs of such units are more likely an exception than a regularity. Overhaul implies the process of replacing the unit, because they are disposable and can not be grooved. Special wear-resistant spraying is applied to the cylinder walls..

The gas distribution mechanism of such engines is driven by a belt whose service life does not exceed 90-100 thousand km. The work of replacing it is very time-consuming and therefore not cheap. In order to save a little, it is recommended to combine this procedure with the replacement of a pump, in which the service life expires to 110-120 thousand km.

Failures of air flow meters are very frequent, which is accompanied by a lack of throttle response on the motor.

There have also been cases when there is still half the volume with fuel in the tank, and the engine does not want to start. The reason is the wear of the jet fuel pump located in the second half of the tank.

Drive and gearboxes

The presence of front-wheel drive on this model is very unpopular. This type of drive was equipped with cars that had weaker versions of power units in their arsenal (gasoline and diesel engines of 2.5 liters each).

On all other trim levels, the quattro all-wheel drive system was installed, which ensured excellent stability on slippery roads. In the transmission there is a Torsen center differential, due to which the moment between the axles is distributed in equal proportions. This unit is characterized by good reliability..

As a rule, a five-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode was installed on these cars.

These units have a very short-lived reverse gear. To avoid this malfunction, it is recommended to warm up the engine at idle during the winter period before starting from a standstill. Cases of leakage of an omentum on the right semiaxis are frequent. Do not lose sight of the regular oil change in transmissions with a frequency of not more than 60 thousand km.

The manual was used only on weak versions of the model, as well as in the sports Audi S8.

Suspension and stuff

The suspension has a well-deserved energy intensity and comfort in all driving modes. This contributed to the sporty settings of the chassis. Both car suspensions have an independent design with anti-roll bar, mounted on subframes. After 1996, the front suspension was also strengthened by wishbones (four on each side) with ball bearings, which began to have a resource that was twice as much as its predecessors – 70 thousand km.

A8 brakes have excellent efficiency in connection with the use of disk mechanisms and anti-lock braking systems. The front brakes are characterized by increased performance, as their design uses calipers with four pads on each side. The front discs may warp if cold moisture gets on its hot surface. This is noticeable by the shocks on the steering wheel when braking..

The steering, equipped with a rack and power steering, is characterized by informative feedback. The knot is distinguished by enviable reliability, even the tips are able to exit about 90-100 thousand km.

This car is similar to a lady of the world, also loves care, and its maintenance requires considerable financial costs, even to eliminate minor defects. But on the other hand, it is able to give the owner a real pleasure of management, as well as overcome the obstacle where most competitors are hopelessly stuck.


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