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Audi A8

Audi A8 1

Audi A8 2

Category E sedan

Number of seats 4-5

Engine Palette Petrol, diesel. Capacity 3.0 to 6.0 L.

Transmission types Front, regular full

Drive CVT, automatic 6-speed

Production start 2004

Estimated price From 98727 to 184721 cu (1 cu = 26 rubles)

Power From 233 to 450 hp.

Luxurious, elite executive sedan with a quick temper. The chic Audi A8 sedan is the epitome of elegance and fashion. Audi A8 premiered in February 1994 in the likeness of exploding explosives..

The final generation of the Audi A8 showed not much less furore, incorporating unique new products: a lightweight interior made from alloys of various metals using special technology. The list of basic equipment now includes a climate control system, cruise control, servotronic, a multimedia system, a navigation system, top-class audio system, maximum power accessories and a large number of other useful settings.

Since the fall of 2013, Russian customers have access to an updated version of the magnificent Audi sedan. The innovations include: the innovative Matrix LED light system overhead, which has the ability to highlight the necessary objects on the highway for better visibility and turn off other LEDs so as not to blind the drivers traveling to the meeting.

Audi A8 invented to the smallest detail. The highest ergonomics of the body, an unpretentious interesting interface, adaptable headlamps – all this and more is designed to create the ultimate comfort for the driver.

The key to your serenity is an intense and passive security system. Audi A8 amuses owners with “wise” pads. Airbags that are able to adapt open completely or partly based on the strength of the conflict. The airbag in the form of a ring is designed to protect the driver from hitting the wheel.


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