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Audi Q7

Audi Q7 1

Audi Q7 2

Category SUV category “luxury”

Seats 7

The number of doors 5

Engine Palette Petrol, diesel. Capacity 3.0 to 4.2 L.

Transmission Types Regular Full

Drive Automatic 6-speed

Start of production 2005

Estimated price From 81455 to 112023 cu (1 cu = 26 rubles)

Power From 233 to 350 hp.

Luxury overall jeep.

The largest among European jeeps, the Audi Q7 is endowed with such a palette of settings that at first it is hard to believe. The flagship Q7 jeeps are standardized with similar Volkswagen Touareg brands, differing in overestimated volumes, spaciousness and level of dressing. This is an incredibly comfortable SUV with a sporty disposition and an all-fitting interior. In short, the Audi Q7 is a car that can only be dreamed of.

Elegant design gives the fast and assertive character of the Audi Q7. Headlights on the sides, insolent strip of the hood, a hostile radiator grill – no need to joke with this car! However, the “owner” of the Audi Q7 will approve quite briskly. You have a chance to rely on him in everything. Fortunately, there are these actions, like an automatic transmission, cruise control, a rain meter, parking sensors with a rear view camera and an action monitoring subsystem (Audi Side Assist). You, as they say, can only relax and enjoy.

In the basic version, the free suspension of all wheels is equipped with simple springs and shock absorbers with 2 pipes, but five-mode air suspensions with shock absorbers of variable stiffness, which are adapted, and a body leveling system based on overload are installed on request.

The equipped brand Q7 includes many systems that significantly increase the intensive security of movement. In autumn 2006, the top model Q7 was advertised with a unique 6-liter V12 turbocharged diesel engine with a capacity of 500 liters. from.


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