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Audi R8 e-tron

Audi R8 e-tron 1

Audi R8 e-tron 2

The appearance of the supercar Audi R8 e-tron makes an unforgettable impression, especially when you find out that this is not a simple car, but perhaps a bright representative of the future global automotive industry as a whole. The fact that this is an electric supercar.

Some will doubt, having thought, what can be more banal and simpler than an electric car? Even if this car is from Audi R8? When testing it at an airfield in Germany, the developers recommended driving the car as accurately and gently as possible. As it turned out, there were a lot of reasons.

The main reason is quantity. There are less than a dozen of these cars today. Hence the fabulous cost, rumor has it that even many employees of the technical department of the company were not allowed to these models.

Standing still, the concept does not produce the slightest sound, it is understandable – an electric car. It works, but under the hood, nothing rattles and does not “growl.” The situation is changing dramatically, as soon as the car starts off. Have you ever heard what sound comes from transformer booths or high-speed elevators? The accelerated e-tron has it almost the same, and performs the acceleration function of the electric version of the R8 faster than its gasoline “twin”, 100 km. in 4.2 sec.

The same applies to the maximum speed, in the e-tron it is not an example higher, but is forcibly blocked at the turn of 200 km / h, to save, this time the battery charge. Therefore, the electric model has not yet gained excessively high speed, but the level of control of the car is in no way inferior to a gasoline sports car.

The center of gravity of the car is greatly underestimated, the location of the power unit, including the battery, is longitudinal, because of this it seems that the car is “glued” to the roadway.

Braking is quite effective, performed either with the help of a rheostat or a power unit, in the same way as in a conventional machine. But how practical is an electric supercar battery? Let’s not forget that the e-tron is just a prototype, not a production model, although, in some disciplines, it surpasses gasoline “opponents”.

In principle, the machine is now ready for installation on the stream, but this, unfortunately, will not happen in the near future. Not every user can afford to buy an R8, and even more so, an e-tron, and batteries are very expensive, even for wealthy people. It remains to be expected when the batteries fall in price, but until this happens, Audi engineers are sure to present the next innovative development.


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