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Audi RS 4

Audi RS 4 1

Audi RS 4 2

Category Sports sedan, station wagon and convertible class D

Seats 5

The number of doors 5

The palette of gasoline engines. 4.2 liter capacity.

Transmission Types Regular Full

Drive Manual 6-speed

Production start 2006

Estimated price From 119089 to 136491 cu (1 cu = 26 rubles)

Power 420 HP.

The Audi RS4 got its debut in 1999 and immediately gained fierce fame. However, in 2001 they stopped making the brand. The release of the modern development of the Audi RS4, the whole world was waiting with trepidation. And so it happened! In 2005, fans noticed the newest, well-deserved Audi RS4!

Audi RS4 seats are very similar to sports – buckets with unrivaled lateral retention and recesses for 4-belt security. Lateral hold is controlled by electric drive. In addition, there is a “Sport” mode, in which the lateral retention is maximum. This all allowed Audi manufacturers to eliminate such a component as side airbags from the body. Indeed, they are not needed, the lateral retention does all the work. Obviously, absolutely without pillows also nowhere, in the Audi RS4 there are straight pillows and window blinds. When struck, the pillows for protection remain in the “inflated” state for a short time.

In fact, the probability of a car accident is practically absent. First of all, the Audi RS4 does not impose its own dynamic character on the driver and does not incite brutal control. Also, accelerating to 250 km / h, this car is very stable on dry and wet asphalt. The Quattro all-wheel drive (40:60), stabilization system, attentive power steering and much more guarantee the Audi RS4 excellent handling. This car feels the driver and understands perfectly what you want. He will not be upset.


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