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Audi S1

Audi S1 1

Audi S1 2

In 2014, there were many statements by the German company that the Audi S1 ​​was going to be made more charged and modernized. Thus, the light could immediately see the version of the Audi RS1. Company executives examined the capabilities of the Audi S1 ​​and came to the conclusion that it has a much greater potential compared to what is currently revealed. The project manager of the Audi S1 ​​said that at the moment the company limited itself to using the S3 motor, which is much more powerful than the standard Audi S1 ​​motor.

After that, the network made many assumptions that the Audi S1 ​​is approaching global change. So, the car received a more serious power unit, which began to issue 244 horsepower. Thus, we got a charged mini-cooper. However, the car decided to keep the front-wheel drive. Such a car presentation took place in February last year.

However, what really happened? In fact, it turned out also very pretty. So, the brand new Audi S1 ​​received a power unit that gives out 231 horsepower. The maximum torque that the car develops is 370 Nm. The small Audi has traditionally received a manual gearbox. Such equipment Audi S1 ​​makes it possible to squeeze the first hundred in 5.8 seconds. But the Audi S1 ​​in a charged configuration is equipped with all-wheel drive. The rear torsion bar was simply replaced with a more sophisticated four-link suspension. Also, the brake system, which was upgraded, was not forgotten, and became more modern.

It is worth noting that the basic equipment is equipped with 17-inch drives, but it is also designed to purchase larger drives. In the interior of the car there are many modern lotions, such as: climate control, a powerful multimedia system, a navigator and many useful things. Also by car in the database you can see xenon headlights. The cost of the car at the time of the start of sales was about 30 thousand euros.


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