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Audi S6

Audi S6 1

Audi S6 2

Category Sports Sedan

Seats 5

Number of Doors 4

The palette of gasoline engines. 5.2 l capacity.

Transmission Types Regular Full

Drive Manual 6-speed

Production start 2006

The approximate price of 137182 cu (1 cu = 26 rubles)

Power 435 HP.

Sports conversion model AudiA6.

Those who prefer the “hotter” will definitely like the latest Audi S6 – the “charged” version of the famous Audi A6. Audi S6 – a comfortable sedan for lovers of high-level cars. He owns the data of a real car. Luxurious on the outside and free on the inside, the Audi S6 is tailored to attract attention. Appearance Audi S6 is painted with branded wheel disks made by the type of blades, which gives the car visual anger and sports strength. The original LED lamps complement the elegant design of the latest Audi S6. In the dilapidated customs of the Audi company in the interior of the S6 sedan, everything is performed quite nobly and at the highest level.

Audi S6 – an incredible find for those who prefer to be amazed and surprised. Energetic, but not brutal, the S6 vigilantly responds to any of your movements. It will become the way you want to build it – solid or a little playful, although constantly convinced and loyal.

This car does not gravitate to incitement. His energy and appearance do not force the driver to “approach” and press crazy on the gas. At Audi S6 you are the Owner. Elegant snow-white leather and other expensive materials in dressing of a compartment and passengers are tuned for a serene mood. After relaxing, they do not pay attention to the speed of acceleration of the Audi S6. What is their amazement at an accidental look at the speedometer! With the Audi S6, this is not at all likely.

Brevity and rationalism. Agility and alertness. With this car is incredibly pleasant to surprise.!


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