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Audi TT third generation

Audi TT third generation 1

Audi TT third generation 2

March 4, 2014, one of the most famous companies in the world – Audi introduced the world a new generation of Audi TT. The presentation of the third generation took place at the Geneva International Motor Show. The company surprised all motorists and experts by exhibiting three Audi TT models at once: the first is the usual Audi TT Coupe, the second car is the Audi TTS Coupe, it is endowed with an engine power of 310 hp. and the last car is the heavy-duty Audi TT quattro Sport car (concept), this car has a 420 hp unit. But despite the fact that the last of these cars is a concept car, Audi plans to make this heavy-duty version of the third generation TT serial.
Audi designers had a difficult task: to preserve the recognizable design of a world-famous car, and at the same time give its style a lot of innovations that would correspond to the present. And they succeeded! New cars are similar to their predecessors, and the new style of the car emphasizes sportiness, aggressiveness and modernity. Audi experts have installed a new, wider grille, installed a bumper with increased air intakes and developed new headlights that will conquer any car enthusiast with their piercing and cold gaze. The body itself underwent tremendous changes, all these changes only emphasized the sportiness of this car.

The car interior is a masterpiece! It looks simple and concise, but it is filled with incredible masterpiece solutions. A pronounced sports steering wheel, round ventilation vents, which are made in the style of aviation developments, which are supplemented by compact screens showing the temperature and direction of air flow, a number of buttons in a new narrow style, a control joystick, which in its stylish form only fills the idyll of car panels. When buying a car, you have the right to choose different types of seats, from a small budget and a simple option, to a super-expensive, sports option. But whatever you choose, all the seats are made for the comfort of the driver and passengers, made of high-quality leather and metal, and they all only fill the interior of the new TT.

Vehicle Specifications:

Audi TT Coupe 250 hp.

Audi TTS Coupe 310 hp.

Audi TT quattro Sport (concept) 450 hp.

Due to its lightness (only 1344 kg), the quattro Sport concept car accelerates to hundreds in just 3.7 s.


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